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Noella Environmental Science Comics Volume 2


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I encourage you to share "Noella Environmental Science Comics Volume 2" with your child or class.

Noella Environmental Science Comics Volume 2 by Louis Yuen is based on real research! The creator's goal with these comics is to "inspire people of all ages to be better environmental citizens." 

Sea levels are rising. Earth's wondrous creatures are fading away. Lakes are drying up. Temperatures are increasing at alarming rates. We've been warned repeatedly this issue needs to be addressed. Global warming is not a problem to face 1000 years from now. It's not a problem to face ten years from now. It's an issue to face NOW! 

Our oceans are vast, home to countless ocean dwellers. They feel the heat down below, as are the animals that soar above. Numbers are dwindling. Animals can't speak for themselves. They need our help. Thank you, Louis Yuen, for being the voice of the underwater and sky friends. 

Lost cities are a real threat. It's scary to think that Venice, Italy, might wash away due to rising sea levels. Louis Yuen's addition of this fact proves that our existence (humans) is also in jeopardy. Frightening but true FACT.

Air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution are real environmental threats. Each, separately or in combination with another, is contributing and will keep contributing to the destruction of ecosystems. Food sources will become instinct. Homes will vanish. Starvation. Blistering heat. Floods. Droughts. Extinction. These are all real possibilities unless changes occur. 

We must educate our youth to help save the planet. Adults need to take action. 

I encourage you to share Noella Environmental Science Comics Volume 2 with your child or class. Have your family or class make a list of ways to help the environment and then carry out those actions. It's not too late to fight global warming. It's never too late to stop pollution. 

We all need to be more conscious of our actions and remember that our actions have a ripple effect—good or bad. 

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The Environmental Education Science Comics Volume 2 is here! Schoolchildren will learn about ocean issues and threats in Volume 2 based on real research! For parents who want to teach their children about and fight climate change. Join Noella in these comics as she helps to make the world a cleaner place to live. With roots based in academics, the Noella Comics Series educates children about the changing planet and inspires them to become better environmental citizens. In this edition, we have distilled the takeaways of university research papers from leading international institutions and delivered them in a fun, light, and approachable way. Volume 2 features work from Caltech, Cornell, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, and the University of Washington. Additionally, we support the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. We believe providing quality educational materials is important in raising awareness of climate change.

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Louis Yuen was an architect who cared deeply for the environment for over a decade. During the Shanghai Disneyland project, he became acutely aware of global climate change. To promote climate change awareness and to provide a better future for children, he becomes a transformational leader. view profile

Published on February 21, 2022

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