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NO BOSS! The Real Truth about Working Independently: 12 Lessons from 30 Years of Bossing Myself Around


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So, you think you're ready to leave your corporate job behind and fire your boss? Read this first and find out what you're actually in for.

Welcome to a realm of outcomes and decisions you never considered before you set out toward independent work. This book is the perfect combination of both advisory and preparatory in regard to those challenges you have yet to fathom from your current corporate position and grass-is-greener-over-there perspective.

No Boss provides a helpful framework for navigating the challenges of self-employment, but not before issuing a healthy challenge – first understand exactly what it means to be self-employed, second, understand your inner nature and what you truly want in a work environment, and lastly, evaluate if self-employment really is for you.

Assuming you’ve made it through that stage and wish to proceed with a conscious understanding of what it is you’re getting yourself into (and what you’re leaving behind), Steven Cristol helps you form an agreement that will hold you accountable to an ongoing connection with your reason for wanting to be self-employed, which will ultimately guide you through the dark hours.

Ideas are interwoven from start to finish, referred back to, and tied together eloquently, providing a complete framework and road map that MUST be referenced along your No Boss journey.

Independent work is already an implicit agreement between you and yourself, and you’re best to make that an explicit contract and lay some ground rules, for the sake of both parties. No Boss will help you do exactly that.

I found this book engaging, insightful, well structured, and personally helpful in broadening my own perspective as a young businessperson. It has a perfect balance of personal anecdotes from the author, as well as general insight. I believe this book will be a useful read for someone considering starting a business, someone who has already started their business, and for those that continue to work within the corporate structure but who could benefit from enhanced skills such as defeating perfectionism and knowing when to let go of those business ideas that aren't meant to be.

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I studied business but have always been interested in personal and team leadership psychology. My dream is to find the intersection of leadership, business and service in my career and to write books about my journey. Author: Stay the Course Exploring the 5 Major Pillars of a Life of Authenticity

Sample Chapter | Lesson 3: Make a Disciplined Choice among the Many Paths to Independence

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Steven Cristol is a business strategy consultant, career coach, singer/songwriter, and former Fortune 50 executive. Successfully self-employed for more than 30 years, he has advised some of the world’s most well-known companies. His previous business books have been published in 11 languages. view profile

Published on September 20, 2022

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