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An action packed fantasy adventure story about the power of sisterhood, finding your own inner strength, and well, ninjas!

Ninja Girl Adventures by M.G Wilson is an action packed adventure story about the power of sisterhood, finding your own inner strength, and well, ninjas!

Moira and her sister’s world is turned completely upside down when their father, the president of a successful tech company, has gone missing and is declared dead by the girl’s uncle. They’ve already lost their mother and now their father is gone too?! To make matters worse, Mindy and Marci are kidnapped by the same evil ninja uncle who has his eyes on owning the technology company that his brother ran. It’s up to Moira to save the day and dig down deep within herself to find the strength that she never knew she had! Using the skills she honed from the teachings of her ninja Grandmother, Aiko, Moira goes on a quest to take back what is hers!

This book has completely won me over, heart and soul! When I first started this book I thought for sure that my favorite aspect of it would be the ninja action! I haven’t read a book featuring ninjas in quite a while so I was excited to start this one. But once I began, the family drama and strong internal growth exhibited by Moira is what hooked me in and wouldn’t let go. This book is absolutely phenomenal! Moira was such a great character and I loved getting to experience her journey of self-discovery with her! She was such a strong protagonist and a really fantastic role model for young girls, in my opinion! Additionally, the writing itself was really stellar. I also really loved the diversity that was displayed with Moira and her sisters being half Japanese and half Scottish. All really, above all else, this book is just FUN. I had such a fun time with these characters and this world that I didn’t want to give them up!

This has been a fantastic year for Middle Grade Fiction. I feel like every time I turn around there’s another amazing book for this age group that I just want to rave about! Because of the strong element of girl power and the strength of sisterhood, I would definitely love to see this book put in the hands of every young girl. Parents, Librarians, and Teachers: keep your eye on this book because it should not be missed! 

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