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Night Swiftly Falling


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Tragedy is narrowly averted when a youngster and his best friend suddenly discover the power of the ocean. But loss isn't confined to water.

Tragedy is narrowly averted when eight year-old Swift and his best friend and fellow pirate, Ash, suddenly discover the power of the restless sea.


After being warned not to play by the water alone, Ash tumbles into the deep. Frantic, Swift calls for help. But no one comes. So he dives in after Ash - and emerges with a fractured friendship.


Bewildered and confused by Ash’s sudden rejection post-rescue, Swift struggles with a friendship fabric torn asunder. As his older brother, Caius, helps Swift slowly realize he can’t control others, Swift discovers the anguish and frustration that accompanies the desire to help someone who needs help but can’t or won’t receive it.


As Swift mourns a friendship gone south, he slowly learns that sometimes letting go is all that’s left. And that change “is the nature of life.” But “how not to lose oneself?” Swift wonders. “How not to lose those you love in the face of unstoppable pain?"


This is one of the most clever, contemplative books I’ve read all summer. In addition to a tightly woven plot, the author demonstrates a masterful command of the language in every paragraph that’ll keep you turning pages until the end.


Propelled by delicious prose, Night Swiftly Falling is poignant and heartfelt. It’s relatively short – just seven chapters. But this beautifully written novella packs a punch. It’s poignant, honest, and hopeful all at the same time. An exceptional achievement. 

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Published on September 03, 2021

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Genre: Coming of Age

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