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Night Goblins: A Memoir


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The story behind the viral 2016 Ditch Kitty Craiglist ad, Night Goblins is both incredibly heartbreaking and unabashedly hilarious.

The story behind the viral rehoming ad, Night Goblins: A Memoir, is the equally dark and beautiful story of fate, regret, and second chances. JT is a natural storyteller and masterfully weaves together his past through The Kid, growing up abused and directionless, and of the present fresh out of prison, jobless, and on the cusp of fatherhood.

After yet another failed interview attempt, fate intervenes in the form of a chaotic little orange kitten and his timid orange sibling. Quickly named Ditch and Cat, respectively, Cat manages to get himself adopted, leaving Jason to deal with taking care of the "Kitten from Hell" when he can barely take care of himself. In the end, they end up saving each other when they needed it most.

The fact that this book exists proves that The Kid and later JT (Jason) never gave up on their dream of becoming a writer. It may have been a long and bumpy road, but the outcome is some of the best and most honest writing I've come across. The emotions throughout Night Goblins are tangible and pull readers right into the thoughts and feelings of the dark and contrastingly hilarious moments that life can bring. JT beautifully illustrates his life experiences, including how depersonalizing and dehumanizing prison life really is. On the inside, it all becomes about numbers and counting down. The depiction of alcoholism also feels very real, and that struggle will be relatable to some readers and hopeful a story of hope for a better life.

JT's personal story also touches on an idea that we all seem to struggle with one way or another. Life changes can come quick and fast, and at other times seem unattainable, and JT describes this by saying, "But inevitable change is not the same as accepting change and causing change and making change. And waiting around for stuff to just happen because it eventually must, what sort of life is that?" This revelation he comes to is the moment that has stuck with me the most and will inspire me, and hopefully, many others to pay more attention to life and go after changes they want. 

JT Gregory's Night Goblins is a book about life, pain, love, and a cat that helped change a life forever. Do not miss out on this stunning memoir that is already well on its way to being a hit among animal lovers.

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I started with one cat, some spawn of Satan I never wanted, and since then I’ve rescued two more. I live in a small, quiet town in Michigan with four beautiful children and an extremely supportive sig-other. Oh, and sometimes I write words down. view profile

Published on August 24, 2020

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