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Nice Work, Boys!


Worth reading 😎

Very impressed by this memoir, I loved and learnt from Hanalei's strength as she recounts her experiences, we need more voices like this.

I love any writing that focus on the female experience, female strength and female empowerment in all its multi-dimensional breadth and nuance. This memoir did not disappoint. What I loved about this in particular, is that Hanalei is just like you or me. So many of the memoirs that hit the bestseller charts are written by celebrities, global CEOs, or politicians who whilst being uniquely talented and deserving successful in their own right, can often perpetuate the feeling that to be heard is something reserved for those at the top. 'Nice Work, Boys!' gives voice to the every person, the every day occurrences that all women, of all backgrounds, at all levels experience. After reading this I was left with the distinct feeling that everyone deserves to write a memoir, and from every person's story we can empathize and grow.

The scenes I loved most were set in the kitchen, as a lot of this memoir is. Hanalei's seemingly unflappable nature in the face of immense stress and pressure is incredibly impressive. She has mastered the art of simultaneously "just getting on with things", and also reflecting on what those moments meant for her, and actually what they represent for the progression of women in society as a whole. Capable & talented, she is thrown in the deep end, as she herself admits, are in ways beyond her own experience. Yet as she rose to the challenge time and time again, Hanalei skill and competence, combined with her mental resolve quickly earn her the promotions and the respect she deserves, in an environment where she is frequently (to quote Shonda Rhimes) "the first, only different".

I think every woman should write a memoir. I loved that Hanalei chose to write this at this particular time in her life. You do not have to be "done" to be able to write a memoir. You do not have to be a certain age, have accomplished what you may believe to be a unique or extraordinary feat. Because we are never done. If every woman wrote a memoir at any time in their life they would see in the words the evidence of our strength, growth and ability to overcome all the things that we do in our everyday. Things that life's default setting are not often constructed by or for our gender. I think Hanalei gives women that strength. With more people like Hanalei in the work place, in the kitchen, on our bookshelves we can all continue to demonstrate and fight for that equality we all know and deserve.

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Published on August 16, 2021

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