Never Stop


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This warm and endearing children's book offers positive messages through the perfect blend of words and illustrations.

I am fascinated by books for children. They have positive messaging and life lessons told in the simplest of words. This lends them immense beauty and timelessness. Most children's books are embellished with colorful and delightful pictures or graphics. Never Stop meets all these parameters and is a pleasant book to read and share.

There is a focus on diversity and inclusiveness, love, and kindness, while recognizing and respecting differences. This is a positive reinforcement that we all need. I loved the images where they showed how people may communicate in different ways, such as through devices or sign language. The reminder to be creative and get back on track even after a fall or injury are important messages for children in a digital world.

Bethany Johnson says at the start that it is for "all the people in my life who are kids at heart..." Endearingly, it brings to life the most important message for kids and adults - Never Stop! The illustrations by Ashley Roberts are bright and attractive. This warm book offers a contemplative calmness through the perfect balance of words and colors. It is a must-have on every child's bookshelf. It is a wonderful book for parents to indulge in with their children before bedtime.

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This book celebrates the incredible accomplishments of kids: they dream big, they get up when they fall down, and they give each day their best. This book serves as a reminder to "Never Stop" living a life full of amazement and wonder, but most importantly, this book encourages each child to “Never Stop” being themselves.

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Published on March 01, 2022

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