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Neither Officers Nor Gentlemen


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A historical piracy novel that makes you feel like you are pillaging for silver and gold.

Neither Officers Nor Gentlemen by Jake Lanum is a tale of old. A young man who feels as if everything should be given to him. It’s the year 1572, and Wilhelm Gaier is that seventeen-year-old young man. Will dreams of a lavish lifestyle and therefore purposely ruins every apprenticeship his father sets up for him. Will’s father is a cobbler, and he does work for the right Socialites to get him on a ship as a privateer. 

Will struggles to grow up and mature, even with his new life. While raiding a village one night, they come into the company of Cimaroons. This is where we meet “Roo”. She is fluent in her native tongue but knows little English. She is very cunning, and Will admires her prowess skills. They became thick as thieves, inseparable as they steal from the Spaniards. Will devises a plan to help Roo.  

My favorite character is Roo. She is different, in every way possible, but that does not stop her. She is herself and everyone loves her. In a world where women did not navigate the seas, let alone do anything other than be a Debutante, she gains the respect of all the men. They listen to her. She fights alongside them. She is not a sex object to them. She is one of them.   

I am awarding this book 5 stars. It is well-written and well-edited. It does contain minor profanity, violence, and some nudity. The year in which our story takes place is 1572, so there are subjects like slavery and how people of color were treated, which could make this book inappropriate for young or immature readers. Being a sailor myself, I enjoyed this book and recommend it to mature readers who love a historical piracy novel. Who doesn’t like pirates? 




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I've been an avid reader since elementary school. I joined the Navy out of high school, turning down multiple scholarships. I have 2 adult children and 2 rescued fur babies. I spend my days and nights making soap and writing because I love reviewing books, and I'm currently writing my first novel.

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Jake Lanum is a father, husband, and professional investigator, trying to navigate his thirties. Unrelated to any of that, and inspired by his grandfather's campfire stories, Jake endeavored to pen a novel. "Neither Officers Nor Gentlemen," debuts September 2020. view profile

Published on September 05, 2020

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