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A human farm harvesting brain power. An A.I. program that thinks pain will set everyone free. In Necrogarden, technology is not our friend.

Brilliant, cold, and calculating Brenna Patrick is back for round two in Necrogarden, only this time she isn't the most dangerous thing in The Garden stream. When the debacle with Jenny and the DoD nearly brings NeuralTech to ruins, Brenna tightens her hold on the corporation by only allowing herself and her trusty virtual assistant, Hal, to run the human farm known as The Garden. With the addition of some dubious government agents, an A.I. program gone rogue, and a sadistically unstable node, Brenna will need to rely on others for once to ensure a disastrous situation doesn't become even worse.

As with its predecessor, Necrogarden is a fast-paced, relatively short novel about a very complicated subject. This combination means that as a reader one has to be willing to let certain details slide and allow the attention to fall more into the story and less into the semantics of it all. That being said, Vaughn does a nice job of adding to the cast of characters with the hulking (not to mention repugnant) Mack, the morally conscious Landry, and the totally twisted Takahiro. It's interesting to see that no matter how terrible Mack and Taka are, in certain ways they still aren't worse than Brenna considering the fact that everything started with her. And yet somewhere along the way, lines got crossed and I found myself rooting for the villain just because she represents the lesser of two evils - or does she?

I enjoy how Jenny has evolved from the first book, and the implication this seems to have on her relationship with Brenna, Leo, and even herself; given that she can fully navigate the stream without being in a pod, what will this mean in the future and is she the only one who can stop the monstrosity that is NeuralTech?

There are quite a few questions left unanswered by the conclusion, but I have high hopes those will be resolved since this is the second of three installments in Vaughn's NeuralTech series. I definitely recommend reading the first book, Neurogarden, beforehand because the backstory is important to getting the full experience. Necrogarden is fun, highly original, and well-suited for fans of sci-fi and thriller genres.

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Published on January 14, 2021

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