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Have you ever had a dream that was so real you thought you were awake? It was filled with details, and you couldn't forget it. It was big.

Everyone sleeps and has dreams. However, many people disregard their dreams. Why? Most people may not understand them or simply don’t remember them.  Bei Linda Tang wrote Navigate Life with Dreams|A Guide to Happiness and Peace by Working with Your Own Dreams to help people use their dreams as a means to find the answers or direction they may need when they are awake. The author, an immigrant from China moves to the United States and then to Canada, and learns over time to interpret her dreams. In this book, she focuses on big dreams.

About ten years ago, she had a powerful dream about two whales. She remembered every detail of this dream because of its mythical contents and dramatic story line. These dreams are extremely lucid and called big dreams. Even if you don’t know what they mean, you’ll never forget them. She goes on with her life accomplishing big things, and she even studies dreams along the way. As an unhappy businesswoman, she unknowingly aligns herself for the actualization of the dream. It revealed her outlook on life and mapped out a path towards happiness. Now, she uses her dreams as a successful road map to life.

In this book, she shares her personal big dreams, and there is no time limit on their realization. Tang wrote this book so people can use their dreams to heal themselves and to find solutions to their personal problems‚ÄĒincluding mental illness and other health problems.

Tang advocates this method as a means of achieving individual happiness because you will learn how to make better decisions. If we accept this as reality, we will not overlook big dreams.

‚ÄúDreaming may be free, but dreams are far from being worthless.‚ÄĚ

Tang advocates living your best life by understanding your dreams.  Write them down, get a book about dream symbols and interpretation, and learn how to break them down. Soon, it will be easy for you to understand what your big dream is telling you. She also encourages dream sharing. This author believes that if you understand a person’s dreams, you are getting to know him or her intimately. She successfully practices dream sharing with her family.

Navigate Life with Dreams|A Guide to Happiness and Peace by Working with Your Own Dreams is not a scientific book or a book about psychic ability. It’s an easy read and has 105 pages.

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The Role of Dreams

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BEI LINDA TANG is a wife, mother, Zen practitioner, avid dreamer, ex investment banker, and the Owner/Creative Director of Dream Designs, a Vancouver, Canada based brand/maker of organic beddings and mattresses. She was born in China, immigrated to the US and then to Canada in 2003. view profile

Published on August 03, 2019

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