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Name, Place, Animal, Thing


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A must for those wishing to evade that menacing mid-life crisis. Humorous, intelligent, relatable and inspiring!

I have not read a self-help or self-improvement book quite like Name, Place, Animal, Thing before because throughout it feels as though you are not only reading a fictional novel, but also looking into the future through the pages. It is so interesting to see how the author so creatively visualizes a potential post-COVID modern world, where questions surrounding oneself have altered along with other aspects of living after the pandemic yet at the same time not everything has so drastically changed. Meeting up with friends for example after so long being advised not to isn't so different because friendship - a major theme throughout the book - remains a constant.

There are a plethora of themes explored within the book, including that of existentialism or more specifically mid-life crises. Yet, as the main character, Kai, explores and overcomes something as deep and complex as their own personal crisis, witty humour peppers the chapters along with beautifully motivating quotes. I feel as though a lot of people would be able to relate to the characters in this book, especially those in want of a more fulfilling life for themselves.

Readers will ponder modern life lessons, uplifting and relatable anecdotes of social life, all whilst being encouraged to start thinking about how they can achieve a greater sense of fulfilment or happiness. My takeaway from it was a greater appreciation for the support system that comes in the form of close friends. Essentially, this book is a great place to start thinking about how you can keep your life interesting as you continue to grow, or rather age.

For those perhaps entering a mid-life crisis, rejoice for this book is not here to remind you of your mortality but rather inspire you to get out there and actively make the most of your time whilst you are healthy and alive. It is a smart, easy read, yet not so simple that it becomes boring. Narayan has created quite the inspiring page-turner!

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Lux Narayan loves storytelling, the seas, skies, and mountains and is a scuba diver, pilot, and avid hiker. Lux’s talk on obituaries at TED’s Main Stage revealed his morbid side. He thinks he is funny and performed at the Comedy Cellar for six minutes. More misadventures at view profile

Published on February 05, 2021

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