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Not for me 😔

Mystical Trash is a mash-up of several different genres and plot points, which make it difficult for the story to reach its potential.

Mystical Trash ranks up there as one of the oddest books I have read. Upon reading the first 50 pages, I was under the impression that it was maybe best suited to more of an erotic genre, due to the copious amount of sex taking place and the strange intermingling of sexual partners.

However, as I got further into the book, the book switched gears to a more paranormal type genre (while still including plenty of sexual encounters).

Some books are able to seamlessly integrate several genres into one story, but in the case of Mystical Trash, it seemed a bit disjointed; almost like the book was unsure which one to focus on more.

In this same vein, the going-ons in the book also seemed all over the place. The book would go from a sexual encounter, to something paranormal, to something that seemed to be more suited to a dramatized realistic fiction novel. On several occasions, there would be a somewhat random/bizarre sexual encounter, which was then justified because of a character's paranormal abilities/needs, which didn't quite work for me.

The actual mechanics and grammar in the book weren't bad. There were several typos throughout the book, but none of them really detracted from the story. As I stated earlier, when referencing the genre and plot of the story, the writing too jumped around a bit. There were several parts that would have benefited from more of a transition before heading into the next plot event.

Overall, this book really wasn't for me. I think that someone who likes more erotic content and dramatized realistic fiction elements in their reading would appreciate this more. There were definite glimmers of something I would enjoy throughout the story though. I liked the paranormal/magical aspects, and would have appreciated some more in-depth background information on the angels/magic/etc.

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