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My Travel Alphabet: 26 Magical Places on Earth


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An absolutely gorgeous alphabet book that should be on the shelves of anyone who cares for a preschool-aged child!

As someone who both has children and was once a preschool teacher, I have read a lot of children's books. The classics are generally classics for good reason, and a lot of the others are, quite honestly, really, really low-effort and terrible. My Travel Alphabet genuinely is not.

My Travel Alphabet doesn't shy away from emphasizing the scale of the world to young readers, helped by the absolutely gorgeous artwork by Claudie C. Bergeron. Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated picture of a real location somewhere in the world that can correspond to that particular alphabet letter. Author A.K. Ratti chooses not to go the easy route and write "A is for Apples in Washington State," for example. Instead, Ratti proclaims that "G is for goats, gathering in trees," with a little notation at the bottom noting that this is in Morocco. Goats gather in trees in Morocco? I honestly had no idea but did a quick internet search, and it's true! Any caregiver reading this to a child may very well learn some new things themselves! The alliteration in the verse also gives the book a gentle rhythm I can see children enjoying.

The most impressive part of the illustrations is the scale featured. They generally keep the scale of the worldwide attraction being portrayed, so you don't see kids snuggling up to a mini cat-sized Sphinx for example; instead, you see two small figures at the bottom of the page staring up at a gigantic temple. Small, fun, cartoonish pictures absolutely have their places in children's books, but when it comes to real-world locations I have often wished that those locations are portrayed more realistically, and My Travel Alphabet certainly delivers.

While it may feel weird to have an adult giving a five-star rating to a children's alphabet book, I would seriously consider buying this for my youngest child, or my friend's children who are about preschool age. It's one of the prettiest and simultaneously educational alphabet books I've ever seen and belongs on children's bookshelves everywhere.

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My Travel Alphabet is a vibrant ABC Book written to inspire the next generation of travelers. Filled with stunning illustrations and clever rhymes, this book is bound to spark curiosity and discussion about the spectacular world we live in. Magical as they may seem, each of the 26 scenes is 100% real and includes location notes for the grown-up globetrotter and soon-to-be explorer. 

From cities painted blue to mountains made of rainbows, My Travel Alphabet will inspire wonder and wanderlust in parents and children alike.

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My name is AK Ratti and I am a lifelong learner and world traveler. I wrote my first book, My Travel Alphabet, to encourage curiosity between generations about the magical world we live in. Originally a native New Yorker, I now live in Florida with my loving husband, and work in the travel industry. view profile

Published on November 20, 2021

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