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Bruce Francois, in his book, ‘In My Purpose: Become the Best You,’ offers readers a look into life through the process of study.

In his book, ‘In My Purpose: Become the Best You', Bruce Francois – author, entrepreneur, engineer and individual – offers readers a different perspective on self-help and finding their purposes. Instead of the normal view that a psychologist or therapist might have you take, he breaks it down as a builder or engineer would.

This book would make a good read for those in advanced ages in careers in construction, science and engineering. With each word that he pens, Francois breaks down the process of living, enabling his readers to see how the small pieces of their journey can come together for a purpose – their purpose. It is through his career as an engineer that the author draws his study, and he utilizes that to inspire wisdom, inspire analysis and inspire new direction for his readers.

There are some very distinctive points that the author brings out through utilizing his background as an engineer that no other ‘self-help’ or ‘life’s purpose’ type of book presents. If you like to read and have an analytical mind, and are wandering like a fish flopping out of water, then this book is for you.

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Bruce Francois is a dynamic mastermind who brings new meaning to inspiration. He is a social entrepreneur, speaker, author, and a mentor. His passion is coming alongside others and empowering them to unleash a meaningful purpose in the world that is true to them and beneficial to others. view profile

Published on March 23, 2020

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