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My Cat Is Blue


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An unforgettable story about a girl and her cat that can make you feel warm and cozy all over, inspiring you to be compassionate and kind.

 “My Cat Is Blue” written by Sarah Sommer is one touching story about a girl and her cat. Told through the use of rhymes, both parents and children can have precious moments bonding while reading it. I can certainly feel that it could soon be a bedtime favorite for families.

The illustrations are superb, even the colors are subtle and meaningful. It can quickly catch the interest of children, especially those who have pets of their own. Just by looking at the facial expressions of the girl and her cat, one can easily feel what they are feeling.

This book can teach children compassion, empathy and kindness. It has valuable lessons on helping others, especially those close to you. Kids can learn to think of various ways to comfort others and to not give up even if some of their attempts should fail.

How do you help someone who seems so down and different from before? How do you find ways to cheer someone up when you can’t even begin to understand where one’s sadness is coming from?

The nuggets of wisdom that children can learn from this story can be applied not only for their pets but for other situations that call for persistent thinking as well as compassionate response. It is something they can take with them even as they grow up and face life’s ups and downs.

I highly recommend this book to adults and children alike! I really enjoyed reading it. The drawings are so cute and adorable while the message is very beautiful and profound. Some days, we may feel just like the cat in the story, and some days we may be like the little girl who wants to lend a hand. Whichever day we may be having, may we remember the inspiration, warmth and wisdom from this wonderful story.

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When someone you love is feeling down in the dumps, you try everything to help. But sometimes, you don't have the cure, and those blues can even become contagious. It just might be the unexpected that allows you both to shed your blues and move toward a bright and colorful future.

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Sarah Sommer is an award-winning children's picture book author who blends her love for music, animals, and positivity in her books. She aims to impact and entertain both children and adults with her themes and rhymes. view profile

Published on October 05, 2021

Published by Mascot Books

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