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This book will save the reader time and money, combining practicality with a bit more than just mere vision: the ingredients of a successful business in Romania.

Business Case 1: Starting a business in Romania? I like the idea, but I am temporarily outside Romania, so I begin to look for more details online. First impression: frequent and unexpected legislative changes, underdeveloped infrastructure, most documents are in a language I do not quite understand, information is not always up to date, bureaucracy seems intimidating and long waiting times seem to be the norm at all levels. On the other hand, I have heard good things about the attractive tax rates, the business opportunities, the banking sector and the educated human capital, so I want to give the idea a chance, for when the economic environment will return to normal after the crisis.

Business Case 2: I already have a business in Romania that I want to grow. But, even before the pandemic, my business had gone flat and was not growing anymore. I do not understand why; I look for solutions online and cannot find them. Although the volume of information is high, I find it difficult to select what is relevant; or, on certain topics, I cannot find what I am looking for.

Business Case 3: I made a decision and simply want to close my business in Romania. I am looking for details on how to do it in the easiest way. I would like to start over, either in a new field or in a new country. But, also to close my business in Romania, bureaucracy seems daunting. My feeling of disorientation amplifies...


This book is here to help me exactly with these cases. Full of practical examples, it is structured in such a way that I can easily understand some of the most important rules for business success in Romania, during and after the crisis. It gives me a clear structure, from the beginning of a business, going through its development stage, and even as far as closing the company. From the moment when I decide for Romania, it becomes very important for me to understand the practical details presented in this book, starting with the first visits to the notary or the bank. Choosing a good lawyer, accountant and tax advisor will make the difference between the success or failure of my business in Romania. The same will apply to the choice of team members. Having a good tax advisor, I will be able to optimise taxes, keeping my attention on the two levers that will ensure my stability: equity and cash. As additional benefits from reading this book, I will find practical solutions for tax optimisation and the list of the most common mistakes leading to a tax inspection or even a suspension. This book is also relevant for business students, lawyers, consultants, HNWIs, multinational companies interested in expanding their presence to Romania.


"Throughout our collaborations, many of the local and foreign business owners which have built their dreams in Romania have repeated to us that without our help and guidance they would not have succeeded - and have encouraged us to put all our knowledge into a book. We have always told them, smiling, that a book would not be enough. And they always replied, smiling, that they could hardly wait to read all of them. Well, this is the first one."

Maria Piroi, Bogdan Nastase

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I run a successful tax advisory and financial audit firm in Romania, member of a global alliance of independent accounting companies and law firms. Many of my clients have asked me to write a book. This is how the idea of "MY BUSINESS IN ROMANIA" came up. I hope you enjoy reading, let me know. view profile

Published on December 18, 2020

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