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My ABC Day at the Beach: An Ocean of Alphabet Fun!


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"ABC Day at the Beach: An Ocean of Alphabet Fun!" has bright, fun images that'll delight, entertain, and educate young children.

Parents are always on the hunt for books to teach or reinforce the alphabet for their youngsters. We seek bright images, fun pictures or illustrations, and familiar ABC objects. Parents and teachers also want to broaden our children's vocabulary, so we like a book to introduce new words too. My ABC Day at the Beach: An Ocean of Alphabet Fun! by Robin H. Elisabeth checked off all the boxes. 

Before we get to the first page, there's a page dedicated to personalizing it to your child: "This book belongs to" and "This book is from." I recall as a child loving to mark my book as mine. It made it more special. I suspect your child will love claiming ownership too. 

My ABC Day at the Beach: An Ocean of Alphabet Fun! isn't your typical ABC book. It's not structured where A is for Apple, B is for Boat, and so forth. Each letter has a specific word, emphasized in a red oval with white text and surrounded with bold, black text. Example: Look closely at the sand, and you might find a hermit crab. "Crab" is highlighted in the red oval. All the photos surrounding the specific letter allow imagery of (potentially) unfamiliar words: kayak and oars. Of course, there are many pictures that kids will be pretty familiar with: dump truck, nose, ice cream, and many more. 

Robin H. Elisabeth does NOT highlight every word in each section that begins with a particular letter. For example, "artist" is the word the author wants the child to focus on for the letter A, but you could extend the learning activity easily. Ask your child to find all the letter "A" words on their corresponding pages. Do the same for "B," "C," and the rest of the alphabet. For those letters that only have ONE word on the page, ask them what letters they see. 

In the end credits, the author informs readers there are flashcards available on Amazon. They use images straight from the book. Great idea!

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A joyful children’s picture book for learning the alphabet while spending a day at the beach! Easy to learn words are presented to help reinforce reading, while real-life images enhance a child’s imagination to hear the sounds and see the sights. The compelling pictures target words for the alphabet A to Z. This unique picture journey will give your child an opportunity for vocabulary building, spelling improvement, and fun imagination time!
No matter the day or time, it’s fun to pretend you’re at the beach. There is something for everyone to see and do on our adventure of ABC fun! Together we will practice the alphabet as we explore a treasure chest of words. So, use your imagination to journey with us to the ocean’s sandy shores and discover an ABC Day at the beach! Everyone is invited. Let’s go!

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I wanted to write a series of books for ABC adventures using a fun and educational format with real images. I had my children in mind because when they were learning to read, they were easily bored and extra wiggly. My ABC Day series will keep the attention of your child, even the wiggliest of all! view profile

Published on November 03, 2021

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