Murtairean. An Assassin's Tale.


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A quick and straightforward fantasy read that sets the stage for more exciting sequels, but...

We all have demons to bear.

"Murtairean. An Assassin's Tale" did a fine job of bringing its medieval-inspired world to life. I really liked how it built each scene's landscape in my mind with descriptive lines and passages that did not feel overwhelming. It immediately engaged my senses, pulling me right into the dungeon where the story opened, surrounded by all the sounds and the smells and the general desolation of the central character's life.

The story was very immersive this way. It took me on a journey with Vygeas and his crew: into the woods & across the sea, surviving every action-packed battle and magical assault along the way. It was focused in its intentions and never dilly-dallied on its narrative path. But while I do like a fast-paced book, I feel that this time, it worked against instead of for "Murtairean."

Because things were happening so fast with barely a breath to spare between each scene, the characters did not really feel as alive as their surroundings. I didn't feel any kind of tension at all in what should've been dramatic interactions between Vygeas and Leyna. They were falling in love and I found myself asking, "How come?" Their desperation and moral dilemmas just didn't feel well fleshed-out enough for me to care, or root for or feel bad for anyone. I didn't really feel any emotional connection with the characters, making the entire reading experience only mildly satisfying for me.

One character did stand out, though, right at the end of the book. A would-be villain set on his ways, backed up by a mysterious magical entity. There are more exciting things ahead, for sure, each of them a chance for the characters to really grow on me.

And they only needed to say, "dragon," and I'm already on-board for the next ride.

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Lord Ciaran’s Tower, Dál Gallain In the Year 6083 Post Dragon Wars

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Published on November 09, 2019

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