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Murder with a Twist: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery--Book3


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Make mine with lemon and a Murder With A Twist: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery Book 3 by: Carter Fielding.

It seems like there's no rest for the weary and no rest for the four musketeers either. Otherwise know as Finley and Whitt Blake and their significant others Max and David. While hobnobbing with rich older women and a wealthy friend of Finley's (he's so wealthy he flies around in his own private jet) in India, the Blake Sisters once again stumble across a dead body that leads them head first (literally) into yet another murder mystery in Murder With a Twist: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery Book 3.

The really fun part of Fielding's series is the fact that the sisters travel and the author makes sure that her readers travel with them. In this book we have the privilege of being with Finley and the renowned Dr. Rao. For the past three months, courtesy of Travelers Tales, the travel magazine that Finley freelances for, Finley has been recording the historical and artistic significance of the wall paintings of the Adivas tribe in India. These paintings aren't just decorative but play a prevalent part in their society and cultural both past and present. So, of course I had to do research about this. Apparently, India has over 2,500 different tribes and ethnic groups. In addition to the Adivas tribe paintings they have paintings from the Warli Folk, Tanjore Paintings or Thanjavur Paintings, Madhubani Art, Saura Paintings, Bhil Art, Pattachitra Paintings, Kalamazethu Art and Gond (just to name a few).

But the sisters aren't all work and no play. So they, along with a friend of Finley's named Logan, head to Jaipur, India for the weekend. While admiring the sights such as the Hawa Mahal they meet a cast of intriguing characters and a murderer.

Fielding literally takes her readers on such descriptive journeys that you always feel like your right there. From the description of the women balancing babies as well as satchels and groceries all while riding a motorbike to the men carrying bricks and bags of cement all on their heads. I can just imagine Sandra Ruiter (a wealthy widow that they meet along the way) dripping in jewels and I absolutely shudder when I recall the poor victim they found "head submerged in the reflecting pool and her feet pointing toward heaven."

I give Murder With a Twist: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery Book 3 by Carter Fielding 5 out of 5 stars for helping her audience travel, no matter what their circumstances.

FYI I looked up the best time to fly to India and it's September. Also flights can range from $600.00-700.00 round trip from the United States. Just in case after reading this latest installment you get an itch to travel. And yes, a fourth book is already on its way.

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Carter Fielding is a millennial with an old soul. She likes old maps, old photographs, vintage records, and vintage champagnes. She lives in Northern Virginia with her Boykin spaniel, Trucker, and uses her passion for books and travel to create characters she hopes readers will come to love view profile

Published on August 15, 2022

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