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Murder Planet


Loved it! 😍

tl;dr: 'Murder Planet' is a fun little space opera that holds your attention throughout.

The story kicks off with Orton Bradshaw, a convicted paedophile, ejected to the surface of a planet that serves as a penal colony. This planet is, of course, 'Murder Planet', filled with all kinds of life-forms that are looking to make a snack out of human beings. The question remains - why is Orton Bradshaw condemned? Is he innocent? Parallelly, we get to meet 'Sunita Kumar', the quartermaster on the space freighter 'Tulyar'. She is about to find out that their ship needs to make a lot of money fast. 

'Murder Planet' surprised me with its excellent writing, fast-pacing & memorable characters. 'Sunita Kumar' stands out with her quick wit, irreverent humour and overall bad-assery. She is a mother who balances her time between her infant and duties as a quartermaster. 

The world-building is above average too for this genre. I liked how the author bought together multiple cultures to create the impression of a diverse human species. For example - we get to see spaces from the Irish state, members of the Bangla Freedom Front, Arabic crewmen, Hindu priests, etc. This cosmopolitan mix really resonated with me. The 'Murder Planet' and the space battles, while not absolutely unique, are described well enough to hold our imagination. 

But, at the same time, there is an amount of pragmatism that the story adheres too. Not all rebels are good people, and not all government forces are evil. People are people. Also, there are consequences for screwing up. All of which, I found to be quite refreshing.

I wished that this novella was longer. The story ends on a tantalizing note for the characters. And I would also like to see more of the universe.

'Murder Planet' engrossed me throughout its fifty pages. It is colourful and entertaining. Even though it is a novella, I can see the potential for a series here like the next 'Expanse', 'Old Man's War' or 'Night's Dawn Trilogy'.

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Adam Carpenter was born in the 1980s, but was too busy being a toddler to properly appreciate the culture at the time. He's been a fan of Doctor Who since before it was cool and, with a strong knowledge of trivia, is generally very handy to have on your quiz team. view profile

Published on November 07, 2020

Published by Breaking Rules Publishing

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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