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Murder in the Tea Leaves: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery--Book 2


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Sometimes, you just don't know people....-Murder in the Tea Leaves by Carter Fielding.

Why ever would anyone pay out-of-pocket expenses to travel when someone else is footing the bill? So is the reasoning of Finley Blake, a young travel writer for Traveler's Tales, a high end travel magazine that once again has provided her with freelance work. Although her original assignment was to go to India, Finley finds herself on assignment to Sri Lanka. She reaches out to her sister Whitt to accompany her as well as arranges to spend time with Max. Max is Finley's boyfriend whose currently working in Delhi. This isn't the first time the sisters have traveled to Sri Lanka. The last trip was a graduation present to Whitt from Finley. The sisters have quite a trip ahead of them. Including visiting the Temple of the Toothshrine (it's said that the tooth of Buddha is in residence and whoever holds the tooth has the right to rule). Colombo, where the temple is located, is just a short flight from Delhi so Max will be along shortly. And Whitt's boyfriend, David, won't be far behind.

The four musketeers will all be together again enjoying the various sights such as the parade of elephants in Pinnawala (an elephant orphanage). After Finley and Whitt arrive at Nuwara Eliya we are introduced, Agatha Christie style, to a whole slew of characters staying at the same place that the sisters are. This tempts them to play their favorite childhood game they have dubbed "The Murder Game." The aim of which is to concoct murder mystery plots involving the people around them. But truth is stranger than fiction and after the sisters visit the Nine Arch Bridge and Tea Factory they discover that there's been a murder. And as night follows the day strange things begin to happen all around them.

The fun thing about Cozy Mysteries is that they are just that a mystery you want to sit down with and get cozy and comfy. Fielding does a great job of combining international travel with mystery and mayhem. One minute Finley and Whitt are eating lava cake and contemplating a Tuk Tuk Tour and the next minute they're contemplating murder and motive. Time after time again, I found myself Googling the places mentioned in the story and looking at the pictures.

Fielding is also skilled at creating likeable characters. She has done so in both Murder in the Tea Leaves: A Blake Sister Travel Mystery Book 2 and Murder in Montauk: A Blake Sister Travel Mystery Prequel. Readers are able to visualize the characters and empathize with them. We know that Finley has chocolate tresses of curly hair and dark, alligator green eyes. Whereas her sister Whitt, her polar opposite, has a swimmer straight figure and classically delicate features. Her hair is lighter and straight to Finley's waves and her eyes are a clear green. I found it particularly telling that Whitt's boyfriend David is busy inspecting everyone's glass, at the restaurant where they're eating, for water spots. I'm not sure what is the most intriguing mystery however: who's killing off the tour group members or the sisters' love lives. In between solving mysteries they have somehow become wrapped up in their very own love triangles.

I give Murder in the Tea Leaves: A Blake Sister Travel Mystery Book 2 by Carter Fielding 5 out of 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Fielding's creation of secondary characters that are just as interesting as her main characters. Warning there is explicit language.

Is there really a murderer following the sisters around or are there just a series of "accidents" occurring as the police are so inclined to believe? It does seem a little strange that at least one of the members of the tour group has been accused of murder before....

Carter Fielding also includes a sneak peek of the next exciting adventure in the Blake Sister Travel Mystery Series aptly titled: Murder on the Stairway to Heaven A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery - Where It All Began.

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Carter Fielding is a millennial with an old soul. She likes old maps, old photographs, vintage records, and vintage champagnes. She lives in Northern Virginia with her Boykin spaniel, Trucker, and uses her passion for books and travel to create characters she hopes readers will come to love view profile

Published on March 31, 2022

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