More of Us to the West


Loved it! 😍

A stellar debut novel by Trinity Dunn. Action, romance, danger, suspense. It has it all!

Alaina and Chris attempt to salvage their troubled marriage by jetting off to the honeymoon they never had. But when an upgrade to first-class positions Alaina away from her husband and next to a well-known teen actor, she gets more than she bargained for. A freak storm hits the plane, splitting it in two, separating Alaina and eleven others. They soon find themselves deserted on an island.


I expected to be thrust straight into island life but was pleasantly surprised when the author chose to include the trials and tribulations of surviving and navigating being on a life raft. After all, that's what would happen in real life if you managed to survive a plane crash. It was an excellent way for me to connect and learn the differences between the characters, making it easier to distinguish them further on in the book.


‘More of Us to the West’ didn't feel like your typical historical romance. Some moments or clues hinted that the survivors had perhaps gone back in time, but it wasn't obvious. At least not yet! Hint, hint!


It also contains a dual timeline, going back and forth from past to present, showing the reader the progression of Alaina and Chris’s relationship. For the most part, I loved it. It gave me a deeper understanding of why their troubles existed and how past trauma made Alaina who she was in the present. But there were chapters of backstory that I felt dragged. They didn't add any substance to the plot and probably could have been omitted. 


As far as the romance element, it was perfectly written. The chemistry between the two main characters was on fire. I just wish they didn't say the ‘L’ word as soon as they did. There is also another romance in the spotlight during this tale. I'm pleased to say that it was very different from the main characters. There were no similarities between the two which made each romance that much more enjoyable. 


The worldbuilding was obviously well thought out and planned. The author did a fantastic job with descriptions and details, making island life feel so real. Not once did I feel like things were convenient. The characters really did have to work hard to survive. Nothing was just handed to them!


My only real disappointment was reaching the last page to find that it ends on a cliffhanger. But that's a personal gripe of mine. I hate being teased. LOL!


I can't wait for the release of book two in the series. Trinity Dunn is a new favorite of mine, and if she can write something this good as a debut novel, I'm excited to see what she comes up with next.

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Trinity Dunn lives an hour outside of Chicago with her husband and their exceptionally spoiled dog. Her passion for history and adventure along with her innate tendency to day-dream herself away from the office inspired her to try her hand at writing. view profile

Published on April 10, 2021

200000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Romance

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