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More Dancing Shapes: Ballet and Body Awareness for Young Dancers


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This is a natural extension of the Dancing Shapes series and is an interactive addition to young ballet dancers’ reading collections.

Ballerina Konora is back with even more dancing shapes to share. Sidelined by the coronavirus pandemic, Konora and her mother turned to creating books for young and aspiring dancers to support movement and the learning of dance from home. 

Like the first book in the series, More Dancing Shapes begins with an introduction speaking directly to readers and informing them how the book is designed and intended to be used. After a brief description of Konora’s dancing history—including new details not mentioned in the first installment—readers are invited to get up and move along with Konora. Beginning with a warm up, young dancers learn new ballet terms and movements, enhancing their repertoire and building upon skills learned in the first book. 

Vivid photographs appear on every page, inspiring and demonstrating at the same time. Whether onstage in a bright costume or backlit to showcase a particular shape, these images of Konora are compelling to both dancers and non-dancers alike. 

This book incorporates more French ballet terminology than its predecessor, elevating young dancers to the next level of understanding. An informal glossary of terms at the end of the book helps with pronunciation and comprehension in case context is not sufficient for some readers. 

An actively engaging game is included in this book, encouraging creativity as readers attempt to follow Konora’s prompts in their own way. Imagination is a common theme in this book, and readers are even invited to share their stories with Konora directly, if they wish.

Like the first book, this second installment emphasizes the fact that dancing is for everyone, whether performing onstage or moving purely for enjoyment. A balanced amount of text and imagery makes this book accessible to a range of readers, although the text itself is best read aloud by an adult due to its complexity.

Written in a conversational tone that speaks directly to readers, this is a natural extension of the Dancing Shapes series and is an interactive addition to young ballet dancers’ reading collections. 

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More Dancing Shapes is the second in the series from an award-winning dance teacher and her ballet-dancer daughter.

Following a similar format to the Dancing Shapes debut: Ballerina Konora, leads readers through:
• an inside glimpse into her continuing almost-ballerina journey
• a warm-up and basic ballet technique lesson
• an exploration of form and shape
• creating their own unique shapes

Ballerina Konora shares her movement, creativity, gratitude, persistence, joy, and wisdom.

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Movement. Joy. Imagination! Once Upon a Dance is a mother-daughter duo. The creation sprang from the coronavirus and a desire to keep kids stuck at home connected to movement. Visit www.OnceUponADance.com for more information. view profile

Published on December 23, 2020

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