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Fans of Rupi Kaur and Amanda Lovelace will enjoy Muensterer's collection, moonchild.

Muensterer's second poetry collection, moonchild, is perfect for those who enjoy the pithy poetry of Amanda Lovelace or the work of Rupi Kaur centred on the self and growth. Through two parts, Muensterer seeks to identify the darkness but welcome in the light; her words encourage the reader to usher in the same.

Poems such as 'anything is possible', 'curiosity' and 'wanderlust' evoke an inner freedom; the opportunity to welcome change rather than fear it.

"dilating my pupils
with my wildest dreams

filling my lungs with
oxygen so smooth

i feel like i have been
completely renewed"
- anything is possible

Muensterer does not deny the existence of sadness and depression either:

"i make the bed
do the laundry
wash the dishes

patiently waiting
for my moment
to feel something beyond
routine existence"
- purgatory

Thus, her work is incredibly relatable and at times her words hint at a talent which I unfortunately felt did not flourish in moonchild. This is because for me moonchild lacked the originality needed in an era of instant gratification and the boom in the publication of poetry. moonchild closely resembles several recent poetry releases with its focus on 'the dark' and 'the light' and the use of short form/statement-like poetry rather than longer form explorations of the complexities of human nature. In short, I felt as if I had read moonchild before; it does not feel original and nor does it differentiate itself from its contemporaries.

This said, what Muensterer seeks to achieve with her work means her words of truth, comfort and hope, will no doubt find readers in need of this. Muensterer writes from a place of honesty, so even if for me her work lacks sophistication, it does not the lack the healing many will find and enjoy in moonchild.

"the wind carries me
through new seasons
of growth"
- blessings

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Published on August 14, 2020

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