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Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah


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Things are seldom as simple as they may appear to be. Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah by Dixon Troyer

In Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah by Dixon Troyer, our story begins 20 years ago on earth where little Luna and her father Lee Brooks are celebrating her fifth birthday. Her last memories of this night are taking a photo and making a wish on the full moon. That's the last time she ever sees her father.

Fast forward in time to the present. We find Lordiah a.k.a. Lee Brooks is on his spaceship planning to take action against two asteroids traveling on a course towards the earth. Along for the ride is a 9ft, hairy apish creature named Henry.

Also residing in this present is Luna, now 25. She's grown up into a very interesting kind of woman. She eats General TSO's Chicken, has light green colored hair, and numerous tattoos on her arms. Her boyfriend is in his midforties. The two are currently working on their latest money making scam. They listen to the police scanner for house fires, show up dressed like firefighters, and then rob the place.

Meanwhile, back on the moon as Lordiah is trying to save the earth. Luna is inside the house, that is on fire, looking at paintings to steal. She sees the Starry Night by Van Gogh (I have always loved this painting). She stumbles upon a hidden desk compartment and comes upon several green leather bound books with a four pointed gold star on them.

During which time, Lordiah is asked by his father the king to take a million people from the earth and make them slaves. Devastated and crushed, Lordiah returns to earth and the house he left behind. Which just happens to be the house that Luna is robbing. A family reunion quickly follows and the two of them journey back to the moon.

Lordiah rejoices to see his daughter again and gets reaquainted by spinning a tale fit for the ages. Luna discovers that she's royalty from a planet called Heofon. It is the tenth planet from the sun and four times the size of the Earth. And just like the Earth, this planet has been ravaged by war and pollution. Luna is told that her grandfather King Osilu rules 65% of the planet. Lordiah thus begins to tell Luna the real history of Earth.

Reading Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah was like watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (In this movie two teens travel through time via a magical telephone booth and meet some of history's greatest figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, and Napoleon). Lordiah takes readers back through Biblical times with his tales to Luna of what really went down over 7,220 years ago.

We learn about the pyramids, the true purpose behind the creation of Adam and Eve, the flood of Noah, and Sodom and Gomorrah. As a Bible reader I must admit I found the author's version of the way things were so long ago to be both imaginative and very entertaining.

I must confess that I laughed out loud at the sex education class scene where Adam and Eve learned where babies come from. I'm glad they got the hang of it.

I give Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah 4 out of 5 stars for the detailed and descriptive way the author explained the past several thousands of years of life as we know it on this third planet from the sun.

Warning, some religious people may find this subject matter offensive. I on the other hand eagerly await the next thrilling chapter....

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Moon People is Troyer's first book. Prior, he produced, directed, and wrote for over 400 TV episodes. Troyer is currently a VP of Operations for a boutique gym, and a Krav Maga instructor in Southern California. He graduated from BYU with honors in Zoology and was a member of the rodeo team. view profile

Published on August 05, 2020

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