Moody Black Chick


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An intimate collection of poetry that is relatable, lovely, and full of feminine power.

I am so lucky to have been able to review this book before its release! It's a five-star MUST READ.

It always makes me happy when I come across a new poetry book that I not only enjoy myself, but can also recommend to all of my friends. Moody Black Chick, written by Maggie Hawkins is a collection of poetry with accompanying art that will be enjoyed by women all over. You do not need extensive knowledge or experience with poetry to appreciate the beauty of these pages. Although, the author proves that she is no amateur with her distinct style and elegant way with words. 

In “This Could Be What Ends Us”, Hawkins explores the seemingly small things in life that can have a big impact. The poem is both relatable and fun to read but also explores heartbreakingly real moments in relationships. “Vaudeville”, “The Change”, and “I Never Saw A Woman” are just a few more examples of how Hawkins tackles themes that are important and challenging but sheds light and positivity on them. Hawkin’s poetry is the kind that you instantly want to reread.

“I Had a Love” is one of my favorites in the collection. At first glance, it’s a simple story of love, but looking deeper it’s a painfully accurate interpretation of modern love and how our fast-paced world has affected even the most traditional genre, romance. This book is the perfect poetry book to keep close by as you’ll want to read it at the beginning of a relationship, after a breakup, during tough times, and on happy days.

I always like to make a note about editing and formatting when I review self-published books. I can tell that a lot of time and effort went into this book, which is why it looks professionally done and is without errors. 

My favorite quote:

“They’ve always been that way, I say,

That sparkle was your reflection,

The further you move away from me, the dimmer

the projection.”

I would recommend this for poetry lovers who love a strong female perspective!

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Marlene Ridgway is a freelance writer, book reviewer, and Where is She? is her debut suspense novel. Growing up in rural West Virginia, Marlene’s passion for writing stemmed from books, which allowed her to explore faraway places and meet interesting, diverse characters.


From the writer of the paranormal thriller Hallowed Ground comes a collection of poetry that takes you on an inimitable journey through sin, salvation, pain, bliss, love, and heartbreak. Moody Black Chick aims to celebrate all of the emotions that make us the wonderfully complex creations that we are as we witness the evolution of the human soul.

About the author

Born and raised in Utica, NY, Maggie Hawkins has been a professor of English for 16 years and currently teaches at Salt Lake Community College in Utah. She earned an MFA in Screenwriting from National University and also writes poetry and nonfiction. Hallowed Ground is her first self-published work. view profile

Published on September 01, 2023

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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