Monte Carlo for Vagabonds


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A unique vagabonding experience that budget travellers around the world will love.

While his friends were growing up, getting married, having children and staying in nice hotels it seems that R.A. Dalkey never wanted to conform. He wanted to have the freedom to choose where he travelled and how.

Unlike others who have caught the travel bug however, he is also conscious about being wasteful and over buying and about the impact we have on a the planet, and I got the impression that he was a frugal, considerate individual even when not exploring the globe.

Arguably however, he does show a different side to adventure travel. It highlights that we don’t always have to undertaking some absurd activity for a thrill.

I am always intrigued how people are able to travel on a shoestring and therefore found R.A. Dalkey’s tales rather informative. He undertakes the kind of journeys however, that I feel I prefer to have from the comfort on my own armchair. Not because I am a bore or like the expensive things in life (however, I have been known to enjoy a night in a fancy hotel) but because I am an introvert who often struggles to make conversation with my own family let alone a group of strangers.

That being said I have been known to sleep in the car to keep costs down when undertaking a long road trip and do enjoy camping under the stars, just not on my own.

Monte Carlo for Vagabonds, in my opinion, is a fun, light-hearted read that is also quite informative. If you are thinking about doing a budget trip it is definitely something worth reading to gain ideas, even if you don’t fancy sleeping on a park bench to save a few euros.

It is an account that helps to open your eyes to a different way of seeing the world. So frequently I read about those that vocalise their disdain for individuals that stay in fancy hotels and take guided tours because they are not seeing the real country, or experiencing time with the locals however, after reading this I am not sure even some of those have true authentic experiences.

What you will read about in this book is possibly the cheapest way to travel and that money should not necessarily be an obstacle in doing so. It may perhaps open your eyes up to a new way of doing certain things and even if it doesn’t it is a charming collection of stories told from the heart of someone that has accomplished vagabonding in some of the more obscure, off-the-beaten-track locations around the world.

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R.A.Dalkey was born in Cape Town and now lives halfway up a wooded incline on the edge of Vienna. An incorrigible dreamer, he's driven trucks in Australia, spent years trying to be a professional golfer and slept rough everywhere from Monaco to Siberia, visiting over 70 countries on the way. view profile

Published on April 04, 2020

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