Mister Bone in Love


Worth reading 😎

Absolutely adorable - loved all the illustrations and the storyline was quite well done!

Mr. Bone is a dandy chap

It's certainly true - everyone knows it. This dapper skeleton has a little routine every day - he gets up, dresses in his finest and goes out to greet his love.

Mister Bone loved her in an indescribable way. She brought light to his day, warmth to his soul and a song to his harmonica.

Though as much as he loves her, she doesn't seem to feel the same.

...he could feel her warmth washing upon his face like a first kiss. 

Will she ever love him back? Will he ever be able to find love?

Overall, I quite liked this book. There were quite a few elements that worked really well and tied it all together.

In particular, the illustration style is extremely eye-catching and engaging. I loved the use of line work and the use of a minimal color palette to really emphasize the oddness of Mr. Bone. It made for a visually entertaining and engaging work!

I thought the plot was pretty well done - though I do think adding a bit more action would have rounded it out nicely. Right now, it felt a little too heavy on the introspection.

The book itself is a little spooky but not enough to be scary - definitely makes this book an excellent Halloween read.

That being said, Mr. Bone was quite the main character - his mannerisms were interesting and intriguing, though I do wish we had gotten a bit MORE of him. He almost feels a little elusive - which made it difficult to pinpoint his character.

All in all, I thought this book was pretty good! It is definitely a short read but it was a fun one!

I'm still getting used to Reedsy, so I guess I'll have to rate it 3 stars (though on Goodreads, it would be 4), though...the scales are a little different between the sites, so that could explain that. I think if the plot was a bit more engaging (more action, less pining), it would have gotten a bit of a higher vote from me.

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Mister Bone thought he knew what love was. But as the days turn into nights, he realizes he was mistaken. Will he ever understand? Will he ever find its true meaning?

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Published on September 13, 2019

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