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Miracle Times Two


Must read 🏆

The artwork is beautiful, and I'm sure kids of various ages will love each page.

Everyone envisions their life differently. 

They might see living in the city, loving the bright lights and the activity it brings. Some might enjoy a quieter lifestyle - country living or small-town living. Some people prefer being single, with or without children included. Conversely, some want marriage and kids, while others want a partner minus the little ones.

Some people want an adventurous life. Some are the polar opposite and would rather chill by a pool and enjoy the solitude. 

No matter what path you see, life has a way of throwing a curveball which can be a blessing or a curse. In Miracle Times Two by Mazzy Moore, her pregnancy proved to be a blessing. She couldn't jet off on a whim, but that's okay. Her heart was full of love for the babies she was carrying. 

Instead of riding on a ferry, she now rides on rollercoasters with her family. She watches the world through their eyes. Their excitement with each new excitement fills her with joy and pride. 

When you have children, all those places you visited before can be revisited. Please share them with your little ones. Let them see the world's wonders, from the lightning bugs in the backyard to the pyramids (like in Miracle Times Two by Mazzy Moore). 

At the time I received the ARC, it was NOT on Amazon. Therefore, I had no point of reference for the intended reading age. I don't believe first or second graders will have trouble reading the text. Even kindergartners can pronounce the majority of the words. 

I want to wrap up my review speaking on the illustrations. I couldn't find the illustrator's name on the pdf, but I want to commend them on their artistic skills. The artwork is beautiful, and I'm sure kids of various ages will love each page. 

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When a wanderlust and vibrant young woman has a heart that feels empty, two twin boys miraculously arrive, bringing an abounding love she didn’t know she was missing. Author Mazzy Moore shares a poignant story of the power and treasure of a mother’s love with her new rhyming picture book, Miracle Times Two.

The reader follows the story of a young woman and her pup who joyfully explore the world, alone but not lonely, on one adventure after another. They ferry and fly to beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and new cultures. Feeling that she must be fulfilled with a busy and happy life, the woman nonetheless has two empty spots in her heart that are cold, waiting for love’s warmth.

Before long, the universe’s magic makes a miracle, sent on stardust and dreamy starlight: two little twins who make the woman a mother. Her heart overflows with love and it changes her world in a way she hadn’t expected nor even planned.

Miracle Times Two is a wonderful read-aloud or keepsake for special occasions for any parent with a cherished child—or two!—in their lives.

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Children’s book author Mazzy Moore’s favorite thing about writing is being able to share the world that exists in her heart and imagination through illustration and rhyme. Mazzy shares the wonder and awe of becoming a mother in her rhyming picture book, A Miracle Times Two. view profile

Published on October 20, 2022

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