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Millie the Marvelous Mini


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An endearing, educational and heart-warming book about a marvelous miniature horse whose heart is as big as the smiles she brings.

How can a little horse make a big difference in children’s lives? That’s what young ones can look forward to while reading “Millie the Marvelous Mini” by Kathryn Lentz.

Narrated through rhymes and illustrated beautifully by Stephanie Richoll, this book that features a miniature horse named Millie will surely tug at your children’s heart, give them a warm feeling all over and inspire them to do more in life no matter how small they seem to be.

As a therapy horse, children will get to see Millie doing all sorts of fun and helpful things for young ones with special needs. Like me, they’d adore this amazing mini that can easily endear children with her gentleness, sensitivity and charm. It’s not every day that one can meet a horse as reliable as Millie. She is like a friend who can support kids in therapy, who can make them smile and who can comfort them just when they need it most.

On the other hand, Millie also inspires a sense of responsibility in children. How do you take care of a mini? What do you feed her? How do you put her to sleep?

Let your young ones develop empathy, kindness and gentleness as they read about Millie and the little children she meets and plays with. This is not only an educational book but an inspiring story that can teach a lot of valuable lessons to kids.

I have read a lot of books about animals, but Millie will always have a tender spot in my heart from now on. I think children will also feel the same way. She may be small, but she is fantastic in every way. This is truly an awesome book that’s just as marvelous inside and out as Millie.

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My legs don’t work well—that’s why Millie’s here.
She whinnies to me, and I let out a cheer!
Millie’s ready to help if I stumble or falter.
But with my mini right there, I can hold her halter.

Millie is a miniature horse who helps children with their therapy plans. Thanks to her, it’s easier to do stretches, make new friends, and even snuggle in for naptime. She loves to gallop, eat, and play, but her favorite part of the day is making everyone smile.

Through delightful rhymes, Kathryn Lentz introduces children to mini horses and how they assist little boys and girls in their everyday lives.

Educating every reader about miniature horses, ten Marvelous Mini Facts can be found in the back. Millie the Marvelous Mini is an endearing read for ages 4–8. Kathryn Lentz is also the author of Gramps the Awesome Otter.

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Kathryn Lentz is a children's author, wildlife photographer, and animal educator. When she's not snapping photos of adorable animals, you can find her spoiling her four grandkids, painting, or teaching about their wildlife. Kathryn lives in Chicago with her amazing husband, two dogs, and a cat. view profile

Published on February 02, 2021

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