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Millennial Apocalyp$e Why You and Other Millennials Are Tracking Toward Financial Disaster and How You Can Avoid It


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A thought-provoking and insightful book for our times, with relevance for a wide audience interested in the psychology of the millennials.

The fear of recession and the current doldrums that our economy is braving is directly impacting millennials. The sudden dissemination of the Big Tech bubble and its ripple across several digitalized segments is concerning. In this well-timed and relevant book, financial strategist, Zane Brown, and psychologist, Dr. Donalee Brown, address the conditions, fears, and proposed solutions around the financial well-being of millennials.

The book is primarily targeted towards an American audience with many references to laws, socio-economic situations, and even research centered around the American ecosystem. However, most insights are valid for an international audience and informative for all who want to understand the global economy and millennial psychology.

I recommend this book as a thought-provoking and insightful study of the world of millennials. It helps us understand how their sense of entitlement, risk aversion, internet addiction, self-aggrandizement, behavioral biases, distrust in banks and traditional organized financial organizations in favor of cryptocurrencies, and even financial PTSD are impacting the modern social fabric. This book goes on to explain how late marriages, high student debts, delayed or no real estate investment, and zero retirement plans are keeping millennials on the precipice of a financial disaster. 

The book offers advice and aims at pulling millennials out of the rut of choosing to remain uninformed and risk-averse while making unhealthy financial decisions. This is an important book for a wide audience - parents, educators, leaders, and of course, the young generation, who are not getting clear answers on what 2023 and beyond hold for the world. This is a stressful time - a book that acknowledges this and offers succor in practical ways while validating the concerns of our generation - is a must-read book.

The research, analysis, examples, and explanations make this an engaging read. However, the descriptive content is often repetitive, as if in an attempt to meet a certain word count. A better way to handle this would have been to include graphics, tables, line drawings, or caricatures, which this book lacks. Yet, this is a necessary book for its advice related to deep analysis, personal connections with professional and financial advisors, delayed gratification, and patience for the millennials.

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Zane Brown is a seasoned expert in asset management and investment strategy. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Pensions & Investments, has been interviewed frequently on CNN and CNBC and published with Dr. Donalee Brown in The Journal of Behavioral Finance. view profile

Published on September 26, 2022

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