Midnight Light


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Midnight Light romanticizes the concept of death, nature, love, and redemption making it a perfect pick for the season of Halloween!

Midnight Light is a poetry book that romanticizes the concept of death making it a perfect pick for the season of Halloween. The ideas presented in the book flirt with burial, guardian statues, left behind loved ones, and astronomical figures where the real ones include stars, lights, and night, and the unreal figures are the devil, god, and angels. A background theme that recurs in some poems deals with drugs and their intoxicating effects and how some lives are ended too early because of addiction. The combination of the words on the page along with the photographs that accompany them presents a vivid picture that guides you along a path to find your own understanding of each poem. 

The poems are written artistically and without hesitation about certain themes that are difficult to discuss. It is easy to fall into a world of imagination as you picturise each of these poems while reading them. While the poems are not very simple, they aren’t complex either, which leaves you longing for one more poem before you call it a night. 

This poetry book is a combined passionate labor of love by two friends Michael Pace and Brian Paglinco who share over thirty years of friendship. Michael weaves the rich and rhythmic poems through his writing and Brian has provided captivating photographs that frame the theme of this book which is mainly about love, death, and redemption. I lost track of time, at times, engrossed in the fascinating pictures and uniquely interesting poems which I’m certain many readers too will happen to experience while reading the Midnight Light. 

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What is Dark and Creepy to Some, is Beautiful and Inspiring to Others. This is Midnight Light, an art book created in the crossroad of perspective. Poetic tales of Love, Death, and Redemption, each paired with a photograph of a final resting place. We invite you to join us on our unique and interesting journey. A great read for the Halloween and Day of the Dead season! Cheers!

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Published on August 06, 2021

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