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Meredith: The Future of Silicon Valley


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Meredith's and her friend may be just the hackers to save her dad and the poor.

Meredith Sandoval and her father are middle class in 2139, and for her dad that could mean a death sentence. Her father suffers from a rare disease that is entirely treatable, if you have access to the skilled medicine and testing of New California. Unfortunately, Meredith and her Father live in the Middle. Meredith is a hacker, and in an era where you basically swallow a pill with programming software to guide you through the day (think, Siri but as part of your body), hacking can be the key to getting into New California and getting her dad the treatment he needs. With a ridiculous amount of risks and the possibility of ending up spending her days in a facility if she gets caught, Meredith will need the help of her best friend, Trenneka Kay and those who call Trenneka family. Will it be happily ever after for Meredith, her dad and Trenneka, or is their adventure a one way ticket to dreaded "Rehabilitation" ?

David Doswell's Meredith: The Future of Silicon Valley is an imaginative wild ride. From cafes where one can just experience various emotional highs and lows, to folks wearing special suits to appear naked to keep up with the latest fashion trend, to swallowing specialize capsules to "upgrade" your build in self-navigator, Meredith is full of interesting ideas and concepts that don't seem all that far fetched to fans of Science, and Science Fiction. There are human beings regenerated from death to complete specialized tasks, humanoids in robot form that handle medicine, and very clear distinctions in wealth inequality.

Meredith: The Future of Silicon Valley would make an excellent short film. Doswell paints an excellent mental picture. The challenge the book faces is that there are so many ideas, that the plot can sometimes get lost as the reader delights in the next strange thing that will appear. This can cause the characters to sometimes feel more like caricatures. Regardless, the book is a fun ride and recommended for those who may perhaps be more interested in the realms of computer programming or recent Star Trek adaptations.

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David Oliver Doswell is an American iOS and software engineer, science fiction novelist, and poet. He lives in San Jose, California. view profile

Published on July 09, 2020

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