Mattara: The Ventura Series


Loved it! 😍

The fate of seven worlds lies on the shoulders of twins Ranger and Rogue.

After they managed to ensure the safety of the Elven world of Valeria, twins Rogue and Ranger, along with the Valerian Heart Guardian, Elva, must now try to find the Mattarran guardian. They literally dive into the world through a giant bath tub (from their inherited home of Ventura Castle), and upon realising that they now appear as mermaids, the trio face an unspeakable danger in the form of the Destroyer.

As a new comer to The Ventura Series, and having not read the first book, I found myself understanding the universe in which book 2 was set. The backstory was explained succinctly and without too much pre-amble, and so I was able to settle in, feeling as though I knew who the main players were.

Watts manages to write with a brilliant clarity. She segues from first person, present, narrative (from Ranger's perceptive), to third person, past-tense narrative brilliantly smoothly. There's no sense of discombobulation and as a reader, the change in perspective feels absolutely natural.

The book was well written, with amusing tidbits, fun one liners and some heart-stopping moments. Well worth a read, and I will most definitely be looking for the previous book in the series to add to my collection.

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About the author

C.A.Watts lives in the Hunter Valley, Australia and has been writing stories since they learned to write. “Fantasy stories gave me worlds to escape to. The world is in such turmoil, particularly now and kids need escapism more than ever. If even one child benefits from Ventura… it was all worth it." view profile

Published on April 07, 2022

Published by Ballads & Bards Bookhouse

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Genre: Fantasy

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