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Marvelouz Grows a Garden Book2


Loved it! 😍

Karen Fronterhouse created unique characters and a storyline that will fascinate elementary students.

I didn't read book one in The Mishaps of Marvelouz Witch series, but book two takes us on a wild journey as the young witch attempts to grow a beautiful garden like her older witch sister, Sparkleful. 

As the story begins, we catch up with Marvelouz, who was gifted a private dwelling for her thirteenth birthday. The customary "coming-out" gift allows a young witch to practice magic safely and privately. This present was perfect for Marvelouz since her spells tended to backfire. Her lack of magical control came into play as the story progressed. 

Marvelouz idolized her older sister, Sparkleful. Marvelouz wanted to do everything Sparkleful did for no other reason than to prove she could. When Marvelouz flew to her sister's garden, her eyes became saucers. Before the witch stood the grandest garden she'd ever seen, and Marvelouz knew she had to create one herself. 

Marvelouz made several mistakes during the adventure. She should've taken her time and had patience with the process. She should've asked for assistance. Marvelouz wasn't technically alone in the gardening fiasco. The witch had Pounce by her side. Ponce was a black cat and Marvelouz's "pairing." People who read paranormal/supernatural stories might recognize the word "familiar." "Pairing" and "familiar" are (basically) the same thing. 

Pounce was a magical cat. He communicates with humans using puff messages. When Pounce has something to say, he sends the thought up in little clouds of smoke, and the picture forms to show it. The artistry of his thoughts was spectacular. Every illustration was well-crafted. 

Marvelouz and Pounce gardening skills need tweaking. While they managed to grow crops and flowers, her garden didn't resemble the ones we'd see in our yards. Her garden became animated and not in a sweet, fairy tale way. Her plants were angry. They had eyes and fangs. Marvelouz's spell backfired in epic proportions. She needed help and relied on a talking crow to forward her SOS to Sparkelful. 

Mishaps of Marvelouz Witch: Marvelouz Grows a Garden had humor, suspense, and action. Karen Fronterhouse created unique characters and a storyline that will fascinate elementary students. 

While the story had many great attributes, one being Julez the fanged blue mushroom, it also contained numerous editing mistakes. Despite the hiccups, I recommend the story to young readers who enjoy magic-infused reads. 

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Published on October 12, 2022

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