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Marketing Launchpad: The ultimate, no-fluff marketing book for women in business


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The essential marketing guide for anyone striving to become an earth-shaker in business

Marketing Launchpad: The Ultimate, No-Fluff Marketing Book for Women in Business (hereafter Marketing Launchpad) by Racquel Collard is billed as its title suggests, a direct and essential guide for women who want to take their marketing strategy (and thereby their business) to the next level. Split into three parts; "focus", "clarity" and "bringing it all together", Collard's writing approach is to simplify the needless complexities of the business world and empower women to not only fight for their fair share of the market but also realise their full potential by removing imposter syndrome out of the equation.

The writing structure in this book is balanced and varied to optimise engagement, providing a number of hypothetical and real world examples (although the latter tends to be more focused on the well trodden, big name players such as branding heavyweight Apple). The book also includes colourful and attention-grabbing imagery, exercises and worksheets, as defined by the heading "time to take action". These worksheets appear at the end of chapters and compliment the preceding content in a way that makes the tasks easy to complete and not cumbersome for readers.

Central to this book is what Collard refers to as "the marketing funnel", an essential awareness behind every successful entrepreneur of the customer journey, from a potential client to a loyal and repeat customer. Later on in this book this simple model is applied to other aspects of marketing business, including types and purpose of a product and how these elements align with customer interest and sentiment.

Marketing Launchpad makes for a good read as something that would suit pretty much anyone going into business (despite its title, I would argue there is nothing contained here to particularly excludes a male readership). That said, using positive imagery to promote women is certainly no bad thing and in a market dominated by generic business guides with vague titles Collard has set herself from the pack by singling out a female market. It is a book that gives two fingers to the term imposter syndrome and for that alone it is a book to be likened.

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Racquel Collard is the founder of SMB Marketing Solutions, a company providing powerful marketing solutions to women in business. Racquel shows female entrepreneurs and small business owners how to leverage the potential of a strategic marketing roadmap customised to their unique business needs. view profile

Published on March 19, 2023

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