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Mango The Long haired Ginger Cat


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Readers of all ages will value this story’s message of finding happiness within both one’s family and oneself.

Mango the cat does not look like the other cats in her family. While her parents and siblings are black and white, Mango is a long-haired, ginger cat. She spends her days lamenting her seemingly endless list of chores and dreaming of being as free as the birds she sees flying outside her window. One day, Mango stumbles upon an unusual rock. After dusting it off, Mango sees that the rock not only sparkles, but it also glows beautiful hues of blue, red, green, and purple. To Mango’s surprise, a cat fairy appears above the rock, offering to grant Mango one wish for each color she sees. Though Mango initially wishes for many personal alterations, she ultimately learns a valuable lesson about self-acceptance and the love of family. Dedicated to real cats who support the foster children in the author’s home, Mango exhibits many of the traits of young people when they feel they do not fit in with their family. Written to be read aloud to young children, the text is expressive and easy to follow, with a balanced amount of words on each page. Alternating between dialogue and narration, adult readers have the opportunity to adjust voicing based on each character. Usually, the text stands out against a white background opposite a corresponding illustration. However, in one exception, the text is difficult to read against the visual, but the page’s design signals an important shift in the plot. Each illustration is filled with color and straight lines, whether in the cat’s cur or in the blades of grass. Mango’s eyes are especially expressive, and cat lovers will appreciate the myriad felines featured in this story. Magic and reality blend to encourage readers to recognize and embrace all they have instead of striving to be something else. Readers of all ages will value this story’s message of finding happiness within both one’s family and oneself.

Grades 1-3

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Mango is not a happy cat. She does not like her long ginger hair, hates her chores and thinks family rules are dumb. If only she had wings and could fly free like the birds.

When Mango discovers a special rock that belongs to a cat fairy, an amazing adventure begins. Join Mango as she learns to be happy with who she is and what she has, especially her family.

About the author

Grandma Krazy/Kathy Blomquist, has 5 cats and 9 children. Mango and her family in the story are her real cats. As a foster-parent, Kathy felt it was important to have cats around to provide comfort for both her foster and biological children. It always amazes her to watch each cat adopt a child. ... view profile

Published on October 31, 2020

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Genre: Picture Books

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