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Mango (the long haired ginger cat) Gets A Foster Sister


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Molly, a cat, demonstrates fears characteristic of what human children feel daily in the foster system.

The kitty on the title page was cute. I hope they didn't mistake the dryer for a fancy litterbox. The dedication page will be an eye-opener for some readers. The author lists that 400,000 kids in the United States are in foster care. What an astronomical number! I hope every one of you finds yours forever home! 

In Mango (the Long haired ginger cat) Gets a Foster Sister: Celebrating the healing power of unconditional love, Mango was excited to meet their new (same-age) sibling. Mango said, "It felt like baby fish were swimming around in her tummy and tickling her insides!" An image of a cat followed up this sentence with three swimming orange fish in its belly. 

As Mango waited for the new cat to arrive, they began to worry if the new addition to the family would like them. This led to an illustration of two orange swimming fish in Mango's head. The children I was reading to all agreed that they found the image "scary" and didn't like it. I want to note they were preschoolers. 

As the story progresses, we meet Molly, who demonstrates fears characteristic of what human children feel daily in the foster system. How would they be treated? What were the rules of the new home? What would happen if she broke a rule? Human children in the foster system will empathize with Molly's plight.

Molly and Mango did not bond instantaneously. Molly, like many children in the system, had trust issues. They acted out, stole, and lied. Readers will witness Molly's visits with her biological mom and her feelings during these visits, and how she behaved after them. Again, all realistic human behaviors. 

Children in the foster system want to be loved, feel wanted, and have a home that won't be taken away. They want security. Molly was not kind to Mango, but instead of Mango hating Molly, they showed them love and kindness. Mango didn't cast Molly out, and soon, Molly realized she could trust her new family members. Molly found her forever home! 

Fostering and adoption are not always easy roads to navigate. It requires lots of love, patience, understanding, and kindness. I encourage you to share this story with your family. Recommended reading age 4 - 11 years with a grade level of preschool - 3.

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This encouraging, informative story celebrates the strength and devotion of foster families, and the coping needs of their foster children. It provides an understanding of what they both experience in foster care while showing the healing power of unconditional love, kindness, and acceptance.

When Mango’s foster sister Molly, first arrives, they are both filled with uncertainty. Mango’s life gets a bit turned upside down by Molly. Mango understands that Molly has been through some very difficult things and chooses to show unconditional love and kindness to Molly, even though it is hard sometimes. As Molly begins to feel that love and acceptance, she begins to feel safe and secure in her foster family. Both Mango and Molly learn and grow from that love and acceptance.…..and that’s a lot to purr about!

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Grandma Krazy/Kathy Blomquist, has 5 cats and 9 children. Mango and her family in the story are her real cats. As a foster parent, Kathy felt it was important to have cats around to provide comfort for both her foster and biological children. It always amazes her to watch each cat adopt a child. view profile

Published on May 11, 2022

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