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Man Stuff: Things a Young Man Needs to Know


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"Man Stuff: Things a Young Man Needs to Know" explores relationships, manners, leadership, digital etiquette, body care, dressing for success and other critical skills that are essential for a young man.

The transition to adulthood has never been more difficult for young men and doing it in a graceful manner is even more challenging. Young men have so man things to deal with as they grow up. "Man Stuff" gives them the confidence they need and teaches the skills they need to make growing up easier.

Among the topics discussed: how to rock the junior high dance; how to tie a necktie; Mens Room etiquette; tattoo considerations before you "ink"; how to introduce yourself; texting etiquette; having an "Attitude of Gratitude" and its effect on finding happiness; the importance of knowing how to cook a signature dish; how to be a leader; how to tell a joke; how and when to shave; and many more.

Written in a style that appeals to both young men and their parents, "Man Stuff" uses the author's personal anecdotes and a bit of humor to teach lessons that are fundamental to manhood today.


Introductions demonstrate confidence, and while important to people of all ages – it’s not something typically associated with young men. So when young men choose to introduce themselves to adults, it makes a great impression. Let’s go through a few of the basics.

Every strong introduction centers on a strong handshake (see later chapter “Shake Down!“). As you shake the other person’s hand, however, it is what you say that sets the tone for the introduction and small talk and/or conversation that follows.

There may not be time for the post-introduction interaction but you do have a moment to make a lasting impression. That impression can be good, bad or unmemorable. 

Here is an example of a strong introduction for a young man meeting an elected official:

“Good morning Governor Smith. My name is Doug Knust, and I’m an eighth grade student at Chamberlain Middle School. I am the secretary of the Explorers, a service club. I appreciate your taking time to meet us today.”

   Make the introduction relevant

In this example, the young person is offering a couple items of interest. He is telling his age, where he is from and that he is a leader in a service club. All are openings for conversation. He is also thanking the governor for his or her time. Gratitude toward any elected official for sharing their time is appropriate and memorable because they are seldom thanked for this.

Go beyond your name

This gives the person you are introducing yourself to something to ask to begin small talk or conversation.

Be original

Offer something that is unique and makes for good conversation. If you know something about or have something in common with the person you are introducing yourself to, bring it up in the introduction.

Think about it before the introduction

You are an interesting person. Think about what makes you interesting. Ask a friend or family member what they think makes you interesting.

Humor is great but be careful

Getting someone to laugh with you when you introduce yourself makes you memorable. But you don’t want a joke or humor to fall flat. It’s best to make fun of yourself rather than someone else.

Any of the topics for small talk (see the chapter The Art of Small Talk) make good introduction lead-ins.

Remember to invoke a good, strong handshake as you introduce yourself. Make eye contact and don’t hurry.

A young man who is confident enough to introduce himself to an adult will always make a strong and lasting impression. Even if you are not able to come up with something unique to reveal about yourself, you’ll still be miles ahead of your peers!

About the author

An auto dealer and graduate of Creighton University, Doug Knust drew on fatherhood, teaching religious ed, coaching & mentoring for this book. He started a middle-school boys service club in 2001. "Man Stuff" is a segment at their meetings. He and his wife have 3 grown children and a granddaughter. view profile

Published on June 09, 2020

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