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Man Stuff: Things a Young Man Needs to Know


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A transformational book that outlines tangible, ordinary steps any young man can take to produce extraordinary outcomes.

Knust uses an informal conversational style with clinical details aimed at producing young men of merit who can relate to other fellow human beings and ultimately become valuable members of their community. In Man Stuff - Things a Young Man Needs to Know, the author tackles topics like the art of conversation, shaking hands, demonstrating gratitude with a thank you note, the importance of punctuality to mention some of the issues discussed.


I wish I had read this book a bit earlier in my career as I would have learned that in spite of saying thank you after a valedictory function held in my honor, it would have been ideal to follow this with a thank you card. I cringed at the chapter on bathroom etiquette, but I am sure that many fathers will be satisfied by the practical and gentlemanly ethics shared in this chapter.

Knust brief reminders of the importance of exercising and sleeping are timely and relevant in the digital age amid Covid 19. I was a bit disappointed that these two crucial dimensions were not expounded upon even more.On the other hand, I was particularly impressed as an educator and a parent with the chapters on goal setting, gratitude, and leadership.

In my former place of employment, I was at an all-boys college with a library that needed several copies of a text like this one. The young male audience would be enriched intellectually and spiritually from encountering this text. As such, I would unreservedly recommend this text to young boys, young men, and parents concerned about grooming sons who would make them proud. Moreover, this text empowers single moms clueless about getting their little boys to develop into responsible and sensible men. Man Stuff's is a transformational book that outlines tangible, ordinary steps any young man can take to produce extraordinary outcomes.

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An auto dealer and graduate of Creighton University, Doug Knust drew on fatherhood, teaching religious ed, coaching & mentoring for this book. He started a middle-school boys service club in 2001. "Man Stuff" is a segment at their meetings. He and his wife have 3 grown children and a granddaughter. view profile

Published on June 09, 2020

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