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Man in Motion


Worth reading 😎

If you wish to peer into the minds of today's modern man to explore and understand what they're thinking, look no further than this book!

There's a line in the book where author Alex Thomas says: “It’s not about manifesting something in my life as much as being clear about my own truth, my deepest desire."

For me, that poignantly summarises the thrust of this tender effort by someone on a journey towards self-discovery.

In this book, which is part memoir, part spiritual pilgrimage, part dating/friendship manual, part adulting 101, part inner healing how-to, new author Alex Thomas lets us into his thoughts and deep struggles and explorations of what it means to be a man in search of his identity in today's world.

Along the way, we're introduced to the "ingredients" of what it takes to navigate what's often the choppy waters of life. In Alex's case, that would be two bosom buddies, his children from a previous marriage, the new love of his life Nancy, plus a session with a shaman that forever altered his perspective in ways that helped him see further than he otherwise would have. All this while living the busy life of a high-powered executive that involves traveling and staying in places as varied as Hong Kong and Dubai, as well as Cambodia and the US.

As I read, I'm struck by the level of detail Alex goes into to help readers like me understand just how challenging it can be for someone to figure life out, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic times we live in.

Even more so, here is a man who's openly sharing his struggles to figure out his life, oftentimes with such rawness and deep introspection that I could not help but feel drawn to more deeply reflect on my own life as well.

For me, as a man about Alex's age, currently on my own inner journey to figure life out, I can't tell you what a relief it is to know I'm not alone! And for that, I have to thank Man In Motion for its honesty. Though Alex's journey continues to unfold beyond the last chapter of this book, I know he's received clarity and insight that came from a dogged pursuit of what life means. A relentless persistence that assures me he will get there when the time comes.

In turn, I am filled with renewed hope that my own as yet unfinished journey as a man this century will also likewise unfold if I pursue my answers with similar persistence.

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As a writer, Alex explores the world of the mystics, love and relationships, fatherhood, community and nation through the lens of technology innovator. His debut memoir Man in Motion chronicles his search for love and wisdom in a period of accelerated living. view profile

Published on October 26, 2021

Published by The Dreamworks Collective

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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