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What a beautifully written & drawn story that shows a mother's love for her daughter and vice versa while stressing the power of music!

Singing to your child has many benefits. When you sing to an infant, they bond with you and your voice. It soothes them and makes them feel safe. As your child grows, we use songs to teach routines and skills—ABCs, how to brush teeth, clean-up time, and the fifty states, etc. We use music to calm a child for a nap, to help understand emotions or to play a game. Music is used for educational and therapeutic purposes. Music has a special place in all our lives, and we all have (at least) one memory surrounding a tune. 

Within the 24 pages of Mama Sings, a little girl reflects upon the beautiful songs her mother sang to her at bedtime. Through stunning, pastel illustrations created by Naya Kirichenko, a daughter's imagination gives life to her mother's melodies. Her mom sings songs from the radio and church but also incorporates new melodies. Her dear mother sings about family and life through songs passed down from her own mother. She sings at different levels and speeds, pouring emotion into every syllable. Her passion for music is undeniable and passed onto her daughter like a tradition. 

The young girl follows in her mother's footsteps and sings in good times and bad. She sings when she's happy and sad. She sings to nature, for her mother, and herself. Each note she carries creates a lasting memory, bonding her to the moment, her family, and the world around her.  

Mama Sings is a beautifully written and drawn story that shows a mother's love for her daughter and vice versa. It stresses music's impact on relationships and how it can soothe a soul and create a long-lasting bond with a person or moment. 

I recommend sharing Amanda Esch-Cormier's lovely book with children two years and older. 


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Rhyming, soothing and sweet, lull your little one to sleep with this picture book for kids!

In Mama Sings, a little girl cuddles up every night to listen to her mommy's voice, which feels like a cozy hug that wraps around her heart.

From songs that make you want to dance to tunes that effortlessly turn on the snooze bug, Mama sings her heart out, come rain or shine! She even serenades the birds, bees, and all the nature around.

And while some songs are specially made for her little girl, some are treasures passed down from her family, making them extra special. Along the way, the little girl discovers her very own singing voice and learns to love singing, no matter who's listening!

Mama Sings portrays the love between a mother and her little girl all through the power of melodies.

Feel the warmth of a mama's love and how music can bring people closer. Follow a captivating tale accompanied by dreamy, beautiful illustrations. Watch a little girl discover her very own singing voice. Find the confidence in expressing who they are, regardless of who's watching.

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Hey, I'm Amanda. Mom, educator, singer, and generally a good time. I've been writing poems and songs since I was a kid but want to put those lyrical thoughts to use writing children's books. view profile

Published on November 14, 2023

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