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A highly readable guide for those taking on the challenge of managing a team in today's challenging environment. Loved it!

I will confess right up front. I am not a millennial manager but rather a relatively new (3 years) Gen X Director. Did this matter? No, not a bit. It also didn't matter too much that I don't work in the private sector. 


Make Me Boss by Emily Tsitrian provides general advice that can apply to managers in various organizations. It is an unintimidating and highly readable guide for those taking on the challenge of managing a team in today's environment with just the right amount of humour.

Emily Tsitrian has an easy flow to her writing, and the book reads as if you are sitting across from her, having a delicious coffee, and benefitting from her mentorship. The book provides advice to help new managers make a difference, influence team members and colleagues, learn the soft skills needed to succeed, and become the boss you've always wanted to work for.

I appreciated how she addressed the need to change the nature of relationships as you move up. It is so true that you need to recognize that your world has now changed! I remember how awkward that felt but was thankful that my boss at the time had given me the same advice. It is certainly not easy to transition from team member to director and accept that your role is no longer to be the expert. However, it's now time to support your team so that they can bring their best!

Make Me Boss provides excellent advice on conducting meetings with your new team and coaching them in their work. It also includes best practices for carrying out performance evaluations and the sometimes difficult conversations that come with that responsibility.

Emily Tsitrian also touches on the importance of building your personal brand, gender bias in the workplace, EDI, and inter and intra-team conflict management. I found the advice on when to bring in HR particularly useful and a good reminder that there are times when you don't have to be the one to fix everything.  

She also provides a good reminder that promotion isn't always about working your way up the ladder in a straight line. Instead, there is merit in taking lateral positions that strengthen skills that will position you for success in the future.

Make Me Boss also provided insights on working with team members from different demographics but not in a way that puts them in a box for that generation. Instead, it's about recognizing their strengths and building better communication techniques. Additionally, it provides insights into the implications of the #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter in work environments and how to integrate those principles into your leadership style.  


I appreciated the section on imposter syndrome as that is a feeling that is not limited to new managers, particularly in these days of remote working when we might not get the same level of daily validation from our higher-ups. I needed that 'talking to' as well as the reminder to take care of our own mental health (not just our teams)! Imposter syndrome has been my nemesis during the lockdown!

This book is highly recommended for those nervously starting their first management position. That said, it is also great for managers adjusting to new ways of working remotely and needing positive reinforcement to keep on the path towards excellence, just like me!

Warning: there is a little bit of swearing, but not so much that it takes away from the reading experience.

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Emily Tsitrian is a professional services manager in fintech. With over seven years in tech management, she’s led teams at various companies, from mature public businesses to start-ups, including a unicorn that grew into a global presence while she managed one of its brand-new departments. view profile

Published on January 13, 2022

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