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Magicmals: The Beginning


Worth reading 😎

This is a fun read that pulls together magic, adventure and friendship.

Magicmals is about a young girl called Eva who moves to a new area for her mother’s new job. After she starts her new school and brings a new kitten home, strange things begin to happen, and her adventures begin! 

I liked Eva. She spent the start of the book very confused - confused about moving, her new school and the weird things that were happening to her. As the book went on, she made new friends and really came into herself. 

I always used to wish (and I still do now) that animals could talk. It’s fun to imagine all the crazy adventures I could go on with my pets. One of my favourite things about this book was seeing the personalities of the animals. It was a fun and imaginative story that pulled together adventure, friendship and magic.

The writing was good but at times clunky. One thing I would change was offering more show rather than tell, and for the writing to have been more imaginative.

This book is perfect for younger children. It’s a fun, easy read that has elements of magic with lots of adventures.

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April Enciso is a writer, and author of the new middle-grade series, MAGICMALS, The Beginning a fantasy science fiction novel about a race of magical animals. She also has a non-fiction work, a memoir "Come Home, Daddy: An Early-Onset Alzheimer's Memoir." view profile

Published on January 19, 2019

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