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Mægics Heir: Druid Quest


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Arias Coeurdraegon must embark on a life changing journey when his father is killed by the king's men.

A fantasy tale with very bold Tolkien overtones, Maegics Heir is the archetypal story of intrigue, mystery and destiny. It tells the story of young Ariastone ‘Arias’ Coeurdraegon and his quest to fulfill a task which his father leaves him while dying. The journey to fulfill his father’s last instructions takes him through the length and breadth of Aeryth and even further beyond into places where men have not set foot in so long. 


In many ways Maegics Heir is as much a coming of age tale as it is a fantasy tale, perhaps even more so. Young Arias has to grow up very quickly when the king’s soldiers show up at his house looking for him. His father dies defending him and his life on the outskirts of the small town of Middenvale is suddenly upended when he finds out that he is wanted by the king. The answer to the question of why the king wants to kill an unknown common boy lies with a druid and so he must find the druid. 


Maegics Heir like all good fantasy tales excels at presenting us a world that while not completely like ours, mirrors our world. The world building is intricate and painstaking, and it will most likely excite anyone who found writers like Tolkien interesting. The dialogues, written in old English can be somewhat tiresome at times but you’ll eventually get used to it and fall in with the rhythm. 


Most of the characters are simple enough and easy to follow, understand, and either love or hate. Their motives, goals and aspirations are not hidden for the most part of the story, and the protagonists in particular lack the complexity that makes humans what they are. This lack of complexity translates into a fairly straightforward tale especially because there is not much real tension in the story, the make or break situations that define heroes and villains are largely absent. 


Also, the mystery quest that drives the whole plot is danced around for much of the book as our young hero abandons his quest to chase down and stop a human trafficking ring. This is not necessarily a bad thing especially considering that Maegics Heir is the first in a series and so it has to lay the foundation for the series. By the time we get to the end, we finally meet our mystery druid but we are left with more questions than answers thanks to a sizzling epilogue. 


I would recommend this book to any fantasy lover who is simply interested in getting lost in a maze of magic and mystery. Both the hard-core fantasy reader and the newbie will find something to their taste in this book. 


However, the storytelling is simple, and the story itself is quite charming as well as straightforward. So even if you are not into fantasy and you are just looking for a good story, Maegics Heir is that story. 

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