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Madeline Chase and the Witches of Ostara (Book 1)


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An exciting adventure set in a brand new world of magic, friendship, willpower and dedication.

"Madeline Chase and the Witches of Ostara" is a middle-grade novel set in a world where magic has won in the battle between witches and humans, and the humans have been forced to hide in order to save their lives.

The book gets us on Madeline Chase's journey to destroy the magical world through infiltrating it. She is a brave heroine who is willing to sacrifice herself, if need be, to make the world a better place for the humans, who are hunted by the Ostara, an elite society of powerful witches. The Ostara rule over all witches and select only the finest among them to join their society.

I enjoyed the fact that the book balances the current action vs the introduction into this new world quite well. We get to learn bits of information about the Ostara, all the while following Madeline on her quest to destroy them. On the other hand, the author clearly intended there to be a continuation of the series, so we still remain in the dark about a lot of things.

While the plot of "Madeline Chase and the Witches of Ostara" might sound a bit like a young adult novel, which is what I initially expected, this book is lighter in tone and seems to be aimed at an even younger audience. I felt like being part of a journey similar to a less crafty Harry Potter or to the TV show "The Worst Witch"(which I might be too old for but I still really like).

The biggest drawback for me was the maturity of Madeline's task as opposed to her young age. I felt unsettled by how she's just a child, not even a teenager, and she's already planning on murdering the Ostara to get revenge for all humans, but also for her own family, and especially her grandfather, who hates witches with fiery passion. And the grandfather not only encourages her, but at some point leaves her to deal with her mission alone and is not even fully aware of the dangers she faces. While I'm sure that the aim was not necessarily realism, I still would have liked to be better convinced that Madeline is capable of facing this quest.

Nevertheless, I would definitely enjoy reading the next book as well, once it's out there.

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Published on April 07, 2019

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