Paranormal Romance

Made of Darkness: Book One of the Lunis Kendall Series


This book will launch on Feb 15, 2020. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

My name is Lunis Kendall, dog groomer extraordinaire by day and your worst nightmare by moonlight.

When the moon is full, something deep within me snaps unleashing my fiercely violent, bloodthirsty other half. No, I don’t turn into a werewolf... I turn into a different type of monster: a cold-hearted killer.

I’ve turned this dark side of me into a career as an assassin. It’s not glamorous, but it helps pay the bills.

Life’s as good as it can be for someone like me. Call me weird—I’d rather not deal with the human race.

But then I meet him.

Lio Manos. Greek shipping bazillionaire. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous. And pretty much perfect in every way.

I shouldn’t be with him because it won’t be a pretty ending, but I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Once the moon is full, Lio will find out why I am made of darkness.


Tears flooded my eyes, and I prayed to the gods that it was just a bad dream. Please, let it all have been just a dream. Please. As I approached my house, I wished for more than anything to find my parents at home, deeply engaged in conversation as they always were, eating a hearty, warm breakfast. With each step toward home, I willed my wish to be true. 

But when I got home, the garage door was still open, and my parents’ silver sedan was missing. My heart began its dark descent toward hell. Once I entered our kitchen, utterly too quiet, my mother and father were nowhere to be found. Reality settled in like a heavy stone in my stomach, unpassable and unforgivable. The messages on the answering machine only confirmed my worst nightmare.

My hands began to shake, and my breath quickened as crippling panic overtook every nerve in my body. As my knees hit the floor, I heard a pitiful, gut-wrenching scream in the distance, only to realize seconds later that the sound had escaped from my own throat. Convulsive cries washed over me, wave after wave crashing down on me, and each gulp of air only pushed the cold truth in deeper: my parents were dead. The only people in the world who loved me were gone. Because of me. Because I was a monster. 

I cried for hours, but it felt like days. I drowned in a pool of tears and gasped for air in what felt like an eternal depth of sorrow. During these pitiful hours, dark, destructive thoughts crossed my mind endlessly. It felt like it would have been so much easier and better for me to end everything. But ultimately, I knew that to succumb to those tempting dark thoughts would have been the worst way to honor my mother and father. My parents would have wanted me to live, not only live but try to have a normal, happy life. I didn’t think that would ever be possible—especially now.

When I finally had the strength to pick myself up from the kitchen floor, the sun was nearly gone as dusk settled in through the blinds. My mouth was parched, and my voice was hoarse. I crept into the bathroom, peeled off my muddy clothes, and took a long, hot shower. As the dirt swirled down the white bathtub into the drain, I imagined washing away the monster in me. I scrubbed my skin until my entire body was pink and raw.

I would never forgive myself for what happened that day, and I made two vows. One: I would do whatever it takes to gain control over the monster that emerged from me every full moon. Two: I would put my heart in an iron cage and throw away the keys forever so that I could never hurt anyone I love ever again.

About the author

Growing up, Erica frequently got lost in the world of mages, vampires, assassins, and spaceships to escape the mundaneness of everyday life. At sixteen, she knew she would one day publish a book because by writing, she was living her dream. view profile

Published on December 26, 2019

80000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Worked with a Reedsy professional 🏆

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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