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A nice children's picture book with sweet illustrations, but has some flaws.

Taghaddos wrote this picture book, inspired by a Persian poem, to encourage children to be resourceful and to spark an entrepreneurial spirit. He certainly gets this message across; in less than 20 pages the narrator has bartered for all kinds of things. He wastes no time diving into the story and the main themes shine through. Zachary Cain’s illustrations are nicely done and compliment the storyline. They don’t take over the page or overwhelm the reader; they are actually very sweet drawings. 

The writing is fairly straight-forward, as one can expect for a children’s book. However, the actual style confused me. At the beginning the story is told through rhyme, yet this is quickly dropped. It is unclear if this was an intentional choice to switch between styles, but it was a bit jarring. If the narration had been told entirely in the same style it would have felt a lot more cohesive. Also, the ending was quite sudden. The plot never built towards it; there was no sense of why the narrator was swapping goods. The narration just stops and that's it. That also threw me as I was expecting the narrator to reflect on what they've learned, or even wrap up the storyline. The ending was fairly abrupt.

Overall, The Mountain and the Goat was an OK children’s book. Taghaddos’ theme really hits home, and Cain’s illustrations are a nice addition. The writing style could be changed slightly to make the narration stronger, and the plot as a whole could be expanded. At under 20 pages it is a short read, and one is left thinking the book could be longer. Also the ending just didn't work for me.

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