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LURED -The Unrivaled Serpent


Must read 🏆

Cliffhanger: Full of twists & turns & one surprise after another, I couldn't’ stop turning pages and wanted to scream when I reached the end

My head was spinning by the time I reached the last page of this book. Discovering it is a cliffhanger was infuriating. This is one of the most compelling books I have read in a long time, almost in the way that you must stop and look at a car accident as you drive past. These characters carry secrets hidden within secrets and it felt like Paige was out of her depth, surrounded by sharks. 

I didn’t like Gerard from the beginning, immediately picking up on his dismissive, controlling behavior toward Paige, clearly warning signs of an abusive partner (whether psychological or physical). This is told in first-person from Paige’s POV, and she seems unaware of it, but her naivete becomes more and more apparent as the story progresses, and Gerard’s manipulation is frightening. 

I’m not sure what her POV is in terms of time because she describes first meeting Gerard’s step-brother Alex ominously saying, “I scanned our driveway and yard, confused how he had arrived. He later told us he’d been dropped off by a taxi, that he’d been waiting in the gazebo and had fallen asleep. I doubt that now. I can almost guarantee he’d been watching us from the moment we’d arrived. Assessing our life, calculating where and how he would pull it apart.” By the end of this particular book, I’m not sure whether Alex is the bad guy or not, but this statement leads me to believe he will ultimately be shown to be something other than how he has presented himself. 

Seeped in secrecy, the characters in this book seem to be hiding everything about themselves. Bit by bit, the skeletons from their pasts are revealed, and each disclosure seems worse than the last. At this point, I wonder just how much worse they can get. I guess I’ll just have to read the next book to find out.

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Published on November 01, 2020

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

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