Lulu Llama's Triangle of Drama


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Everyone is in charge of his/her own happiness, indeed. Lulu Llama's words of advice on drama should be read and lived by all!

Lulu Llama's Triangle of Drama is a delightful read! I found myself wishing this book had existed one year ago when I was attempting to teach an eight-year-old student how to stay out of drama. Sorensen's choice to represent drama in the form of a triangle is simple enough for children to grasp the concept, while also being complex enough to teach children new information about bullies, victims, and fixers.

I especially love that the triangle introduced the reader to a few new vocabulary words: blaming, helpless, and fixing. These are words that children should be familiarized with so they can help spot trends and cycles of unhappiness. Lulu Llama's Triangle of Drama really lays out the definition and examples of each of these words. The sooner children can identify blaming, helpless, and fixing behavior, the sooner they can end the endless triangle of drama. I especially enjoyed the focus on the word blaming. Andi's ability to recognize blaming behavior is a great example for children to read and, hopefully, follow. Andi also effectively identifies her own victim behavior and how she can change her outlook to be more positive.

Towards the end, Andi learns that it is our own responsibility to instill happiness within our lives. At the end of the day, happiness is a choice. I love the fact that Sorensen uses the word choice. At my school, we teach our students that every action and behavior they have is a choice, and by making one choice, they are choosing the following consequence whether it be positive or negative. This book would be a wonderful addition to that lesson!

The images themselves are beautiful and colorful. Parents and educators can teach further lessons because Andi and the four llamas are so expressive. As I was reading, I could see myself leading a reading circle and asking students to defer emotions based off the illustrated expressions alone. The images are so crisp and clear, there is little room for misinterpretation. The illustrations are a wonderful pairing with the story and theme!

Honestly, the only reason this book didn't receive 5 stars from me is because I thought the llamas could have been funnier in order to keep children engaged. It was a great story overall, but I do see a potential to lose student attention while reading it. Nevertheless, I would still buy this book for my classroom!

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With Bully Bart, Victim Viv, and Fixer Fred (a trio of high-drama llamas) as friends, how will Andi have any fun?

Stuck doing chores on her family’s llama farm, Andi longs to have more fun. She befriends a trio of llamas, but she quickly gets caught up in their triangle of drama. It’s only with the help of another, wiser llama—Lulu—that Andi begins to understand the drama-free truth.

In Lulu Llama and the Triangle of Drama, the fourth book in the EQ Explorers series, Andi learns a powerful lesson of emotional intelligence: Choose to be Drama Free. It’s an EQ principle essential for any child—one that will help them live a big, bold, authentically happy life!

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Kim Linette is the mother of six children & an entrepreneur at heart. Kim founded Kapalua Cove Foundation, a non-profit org dedicated to empowering underserved children. She is the author of EQ Explorers, a children's book series designed to inspire children to live happy, emotionally healthy lives. view profile

Published on April 24, 2020

Published by Kapalua Cove Publishing

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