Love Will Show You the Way



Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places?
Do emotional feelings often cause you doubt and anxiety?
Does life seem unfair and you don’t know why?

Don’t worry, if you have answered with yes. You are not alone. Countless people around the world live with uncertainty about love and life.

Everyone seeks love. Everybody wants a healthy and prosperous life. But, something has happened along the way. We have become distracted and attach ourselves to temporary details of little significance during our journey. It seems that we are on the wrong path. However, the way is always permanent. But, how we walk this footpath determines everything.

Steve Leasock offers ideas, insight, and guidelines to loving and living more consciously in a world that seems so complex. The book discusses existentialism, metaphysics, and spirituality. He dives deep into topics relating to how we love and live on this marvelously mysterious path called life.



I am very fortunate to have met Iwi Liss. Furthermore, every moment shared with her and other individuals reveals the grace and splendor of this miraculous experience called life. We have enlightening conversations and a consciously elevating, everlasting moment of ongoing oneness. Therefore, I wish to express my respect and gratitude to her and everyone. The law of attraction is a mysterious and marvelous phenomenon. I had been reflecting on how to summarize the material of this book. Iwi spontaneously wrote and shared the following article on a social media platform. Her insight is an example of the flowing energy of life, love, and consciousness within us. She has expressed the topics, ideas, and insight of this book in a nutshell. It is amazing to realize that she wrote this without having read the manuscript or intending it to be used in the book. The following insight is her understanding of love and the question that everyone asks: What is love? 


I’m aware of how controversial this topic is. A reflection about it, however, could be life changing. Through inquiry and self-inquiry, I keep observing that what we commonly call love, especially the love for the closest partner, for the family, too often turns out to be a mixture of psychological, emotional, and even economic dependence. A fine web of agreements, habits, mutual expectations, automatic behavior, sealed by the memory of shared moments, usually salted with fear of losing the familiar, even if one feels lonely and not understood in such a relationship. And one favors this one partner, this one family still, makes her/him/them the chosen one, with whom one holds against the others, which is also encouraged in our society. Whether this subtle dependency on the favor and disgust of others is possibly a social and/or cultural necessity, whether it was naturally caused by fear of being alone and the need for allies, is less meaningful to me, if not uninteresting. I do not believe in connectedness through blood relatives anyway. Too often I have experienced families where there was no love, and too often I experience profound, unconditional connectedness that is not based on familiarity. Without condemning this psychological, emotional, economic dependence or declaring it as bad or unnecessary, I rather ask what love really is.


Is love, and especially unconditional love, this network of dependencies, the agreed and sometimes even involuntary togetherness, and the mutual interaction? Or is love something completely different, and if so, what would that be? Reflecting on this question, we can sometimes come up with amazing results. Like, for example, that love does not exist thanks to and through the above-mentioned relationships and dependencies, but in spite of them. As my friend wrote to me recently, “The beauty and purity of life and love is experienced in silence.” I pass on this sentence as a tool for reflection to all who seek to discover the essence of love and thus of life.


—Iwi Liss


“Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.”

—Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist







Cherish life, cherish and respect love; these are the energy frequencies in our existence that have the most likelihood of changing this world and the universe as we know it.


Love is often experienced as an illusion. This phenomenon occurs because the mind insists that you receive something in exchange for what you are giving. This could be affection, acceptance, admiration, etc. This behavior is usually caused by conditioning and occurs due to one or more factors.


I personally have had experiences that are similar to what I have written above. Every person has probably had related situations. The mind, for example, would convince me that I should be with a particular woman, although often it was clear that the woman had no interest in me. Still, I was determined to achieve her recognition, affection, and love. I would then do everything possible to be with this person, and really all that I achieved was to make a fool of myself. This, inadvertently, resulted in me becoming more and more emotionally unstable. I suffered more and more until I realized that the suffering occurred because I had wanted to suffer. This was caused by mind conditioning and an unawareness of living consciously in a state of presence.


We can say this in another way that may be more concise and helpful. A person’s initial experience or exchange with someone or something is usually based on mind-conditioned reactions. However, it would be very beneficial to remain consciously aware during any experience. This is because the mind will otherwise overwhelm stillness with thoughts and emotions. This behavior is based more on conditioning rather than on the present moment itself. It is consciously beneficial to respond within the now rather than react to the details of any situation.


“What is your relationship with the mind? This is the key question in consciously awakening to a state of deeper presence.”


Stay actively aware of what the mind is doing. Then it is possible to more accurately determine why you are attracted to another person. Is what you are experiencing based on mind thoughts, feelings, and conditioning or on active conscious awareness? This is the question that should be asked, but this should be done from an aware conscious state of being and not from the mind. The now of this moment is nurtured by the space of nothingness. Here in this stillness is where the conscious garden grows. The one that looks beyond the mind knows there is only one truth to find. There is an unbound stillness among the highs and lows, ins and outs, and ups and downs. This truth, in whatever form, can only be experienced now. This is where a decision should be made. Step fearlessly into this realm of simplicity, or stay outside, cast in a self-made hell. The stillness of this totality is one step away; unfortunately, the mind casts shadows that darken the way. Be gone, details of a mortal world. I am what I am, and I shall always be free. The nothingness of this moment is the essence of existence.


Consciousness flows where life grows: love is the seed that lets it blossom!


“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.”

- Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth





What is love? Falling in love is said to be like falling off a log; anyone can do it. We innately know love but are often misguided by the mind’s interpretations of it. The essence of it is known as surely as we know that the sun shines and the birds sing. What do I wish to express through this comparison? Love is only as true or as real as you choose. We have, unfortunately, added too much content to its simplistic fundamental nature. This has resulted from mind concepts of love and life that have flourished due to lack of true awareness. This is a mind game that we have been conditioned to play. This is, among other reasons, due to the mind’s need to interpret and define love. Please notice that I have written that it is the mind that searches, interprets, and demands. This has induced the complexities that we associate with thoughts and emotions. It is essential to realize that you are not your mind. Love is never responsible for our misgivings, wars, or even the beauty associated with it. It is the mind and its usage of words, definitions, thoughts, and feelings that distract us from truly loving and actually living. Love should not be defined other than for practical purposes. Nevertheless, it has been interpreted, defined, and labeled again and again throughout our history. This conditioned behavior has overshadowed its essence, thus masking its true originality.


I have written about consciousness in the beginning of this book as a prelude to the topics we will consider later about love. This is meant to give you helpful signposts on your inner journey. You have already or perhaps soon will awaken consciously to the possibilities available to you in each moment. We are manifesting life energy, and it has the potential to become conscious of itself through our interaction with it. Consciousness and love go hand in hand on the path of life. The next step of our evolution would benefit greatly from the expansion of these energy frequencies.


Some of the topics may first appear easy to comprehend, even redundant. However, it is necessary to unlearn mind conditioning, relearn presence, and practice conscious awareness. Therefore, consciousness will be considered often and intensively throughout sections of the book. Furthermore, we will also be diving deep into the subject matter from spiritual and philosophical perspectives. We will apply the two main topics into chapters relating to our existence and spirituality. Additionally, we will reflect on the essence of life energy and how it manifests in our daily experiences. The insight that is presented may overwhelm you at times. This is due to the mind demanding that the material be analyzed, defined, and labeled. It would be beneficial for you not to take your thoughts too seriously and simply relax as you read. This book is also not a storybook with a beginning and an end. It is not offering you anything that must be accepted or disputed. The ideas and insight could be viewed as possible gateways to a path of loving and living more consciously from a state of presence. The desire of each person is to discover a balance between our mortal existence and the divinity within the presence of our being. This is often referred to as universal consciousness or oneness.


 What you are about to read should not confuse you or cause you to speculate or judge, although this may happen from time to time. Therefore, not expecting or wanting anything during the unfolding of each chapter will be very helpful in allowing you to simply be with what you realize during your inner journey. It may sound very silly, but the mind is not required for you to absorb what you will experience throughout these pages. We will not jump directly into the main theme about Love. Rather, the first few chapters are related to how the mind has conditioned our behavior and how we can choose to live more consciously. The remaining pages will focus essentially on love. Furthermore, we will attempt to go beyond the labels, aspects, and concepts in our inquiry into love. We will look at the confusion and misunderstandings that often unfold due to not loving from a state of presence. Simply said, we will break everything down and consider what this thing truly is called love. The last chapter shares poems about life and love that I have written.

Do not look for anything within the words and it is very possible that you will find exactly what you need in accordance with your current level of consciousness. Additionally, it may be helpful to pick up the book sporadically and read a few pages or chapters after you have completely read it the first time. Is love real? The mind may immediately say that yes, love is very real and that you cannot live without it.


Or it may say that there is no such thing as true love and that it is just a dream or fantasy. This is foremost a philosophical question. The answer to this question will probably coincide with what you have learned about its aspects and concepts. This is different than experiencing the pureness or essence of love. Therefore, attempting to answer it will sooner or later result in the realization that it cannot be answered. This is a phenomenon that is evident and can be observed in our effort to interpret or define love or consciousness. We know that love is there, but we should not place a label on it other than for practical or conceptual purposes. These are relative. It is existentially and spiritually beneficial to recognize that love is based on energy. This same flowing energy is the foundation for our existence, consciousness, and life. This is of ultimate significance in the evolution of object consciousness.


Therefore, it would be correct to say that everyone has self-love. However, many people are conditioned to suppress its natural flow. This suggests that the energy frequency for love is always present. Love is flowing through our state of being. It is vital to focus on this frequency, otherwise it will not truly and fully manifest. This is the same as being aware of consciousness. Awareness is helpful in going beyond the often-cumbersome mind details of our existence. Life energy and its ability to expand consciously are always present and possible. It is necessary that we accept and promote the union that we and all objects have with this energy field. Therefore, it is also plausible that a person cannot love anyone or anything truly until self-love is recognized and nurtured through active presence.


A person’s state of presence that is free of mind-generated details is very helpful whether we are speaking about love or other existential aspects. This does not mean that the mind will be thoughtless or non-emotional. However, the spiritual enlightenment that is desired can and will manifest more freely without the mind’s interference. Additionally, this suggests that we can accept the mind’s activities, see them for what they are, and let them go. This opens the portal to the vast unmanifested energy dimension beyond. Humankind is persistent in initiating diversity and complexity into the simplicity of life. It is not enough for us to simple feel love. We constantly insist on expressing this pure element of life through our faulty behavioral interpretation patterns. We have forgotten that the basic structure of love is oneness. Therefore, we should first reflect on insight relating to consciousness and living in balance with life energy before we consider the aspects of love.


The material in this book offers alternatives to how we love and how we live. There are insights, questions, personal experiences, and poems throughout the pages. These may offer a portal for you to become more aware of what is beyond the mind’s conditioned thought, belief, and emotional patterns. I do not claim or presume to be an authority on consciousness, love, or any of the topics that I write about. My intentions are not to express favoritism or criticism for or against any religion, collective organization, culture, person, or people.


My wish is to share an understanding of the deep, innate sense of conscious being that can be felt beyond the mind, emotions, and our content structures. This is universal intelligence, and we are a portal by which it becomes conscious. Furthermore, I am hopeful that individuals who have read my written works, such as this book, may discover stepping stones helpful on their paths to conscious loving and living. Our existence is ultimately based on living and loving more consciously in harmony with life, the inner self, other people, and other things. Awareness of consciousness will eventually allow us to recognize and accept that the totality of everything is one. You are the one presence that is divine in nature through the simple act of being.


Words such as consciousness, love, and life are synonymous. I wish to emphasize again that I am not an authority on the topics within this book or otherwise. I also do not claim to know more or less than you. Furthermore, what we know as people has nothing to do with universal intelligence. Yet our existence is the direct blossoming of this mystery that is also called universal consciousness. This wisdom is at the core of our being.


The ideas and insight within these pages are mere signposts to something that is far beyond our true comprehension at the level of the mind. Nevertheless, it is in our nature to try, as best we can, to reflect and ponder on love and life. We intuitively know without knowing what it is that we know. This was originally the incentive that has inspired me to share with you as we learn and hopefully expand consciously together. Our practice is to become more aware of life energy and to acquire a deeper understanding of living in a state of presence. This, in turn, allows consciousness to expand as it becomes more and more aware of itself. This will correspondingly allow us to love purely and unconditionally without the restraints of the mind.


“Our life is frittered away by detail.

Simplify, simplify.”

—Henry David Thoreau, Walden



“Love is the mainstream frequency flowing through the expansion of life energy. However, as with life and conscious awareness, we must acknowledge love and take responsibility for it.”




Chapter One

A Brief Look into Living Consciously


Why are we so confused about how to live? We feel a need to find fulfillment. This can also be called seeking enlightenment or salvation. But the object content of our existence often leaves us feeling exactly the opposite: unfulfilled, isolated, and unloved.


This chapter reflects on insight relevant to how we perceive our existence. We will consider ideas relating to the mind, body, and spirit. There are also suggestions about our belief structures and the search for enlightenment within these pages. The mind is conditioned and can often manipulate and restrict conscious expansion. Therefore, do not expect or demand anything from what you are reading. Practice allowing it to just be as it is and focus on what you sense beyond repetitive mind-created thoughts and emotions. We actually create more complexity through the demand to alleviate the isolation, confusion, and fear that often overwhelm us. This intricacy is mind created and will continue as long as the mind dominates our interactions. The mind continually asks questions and constantly searches for answers. We are conditioned to always anticipate. Nevertheless, a worldwide shift in behavior patterns is occurring. This process of becoming consciously aware could be called an awakening. The world is gradually going beyond dogmatic thoughts and beliefs (that which one thinks is true). The balance is being reset. Conditioned thinking is being replaced with conscious awareness. We are acknowledging and accepting universal intelligence. This is known as an inner journey. Furthermore, going inward to our essence opens a portal to all things in the universe. There is a connection and unity that manifests in all objects. Living in a state of presence, balance, and harmony is becoming a natural state of being in our experiences.


It is consciously beneficial to acknowledge that we are beyond all existential things. The mind-created self-image is nurtured with deceit and content illusions. This does not reflect our true nature. The oneness of life is manifesting now in an object called human and we are being. So the obvious question is: What do you wish to be? You have the potential to be much more than the mind wants you to think or believe.


Terms such as self, human, or being are actually irrelevant. They ultimately mean nothing. These are only definitions and labels that our creative mind has designed to categorize what we insist on interpreting. This is part of the evolutionary course of our mental development. This is what we do. This does not mean that it is good, bad, right, or wrong. I am spelling this out with the hope of awakening your awareness to the insignificance of all that you (we) do in our existence. This does not necessarily mean that we should not do what we do. We are human beings; what we do is part of existing as this form now. Have you ever heard the statement: Being in the world but not of it? This has been mentioned in writings dating back thousands of years and even in the Bible. This is basically saying that we are now human beings in this world. It is okay to accept this form, but we do not need to be only this form with all its behaviors and tendencies. It is possible, through the level of our species’ consciousness, to witness the human development (dilemma) that we have imposed onto the true self.


We have the capacity to decide if we will be manipulated by the conditioned behavior of our mind. Or are we ready to acknowledge and accept the grandeur of our existence? We are a life-form that is manifesting life. This, in itself, is only an object. Nevertheless, our true self is so much more. Furthermore, what manifests in our existence depends on our relationship with the mind and how we now see ourselves.


This may sound confusing. It may perhaps sound good on paper but impossible to practice. This apparent confusion is only a mental trick to keep us confined to the rigid structures of our mental and emotional concoctions. I wish to suggest that we are destroying ourselves. We think that this is all that we are, and many people don’t like this form of existence. Our species, as a whole, is dissatisfied because of this reason. We remain confused. This is the situation of many, many people. Everyone is so restricted and manipulated by the content of our mental illusions that we have forgotten the pleasure of simply being.


Being does not mean that we will not become ill. It does not imply that this human form will not encounter difficulty and pain. Being does not suggest that we will receive a paradise that the mind thinks we lost and are so desperate to find. Being is simply that; it is.


Are you confused about being human? The reason is because you are much more than what the mind wants you to think or believe, and you know this innately.


Presence may offer a glimpse into infinity. This is in reference to the endless possibilities provided by acceptance of what is. There is freedom and serenity to be found in the simple act of being what we are. We are life manifesting in the form of a human being.


The supposed difficulties, disappointments, and sorrows are nothing more than a head game ignited by the part of you that is human. These are part of our form content, just like pleasure, happiness, and gratitude. They really mean nothing. We should stop spinning around in circles chasing our tail. We will never catch it. Perhaps it would be rewarding to stop and feel what is real. We are engulfed in everything that we are hoping and wanting to find. The portal to this awareness is through the object consciousness, unrestricted by the mental and emotional restrictions of our form.


Whether we experience life from a deeper universal consciousness or only as a human is ultimately our choice. This one decision may either initiate long-term fulfillment and tranquility. Or condemn us to believing or thinking that we are unloved, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and unhappy.


A Smile


A smile may sometimes take a while.

There are even days when a smile just will not shine.

Why smile, you say, on such a day…why should I care?

The expression on your face is straight.


It is true that, at times, a smile seems out of place.

Your mind tells you not to bother, forget the smile.

This happens often when you listen to your head.

These thoughts overshadow the moment.

Then you are filled with dread.

This should not be, but alas, often we do not see.


A smile is the golden key.

There is more there than just a smile.

The smile broadens wide as life flows.

It is the reason that we know.

It is not always shown and yet it continues to flow.

You will remember, just be aware.

Life offers so much more when we care.

It is deep within and also around and about.

Do you feel it?

It is there, have no doubt.

Life is a smile.

There to share, to give, and to get.

Look not only on the faces that go by.

This is not only where a smile is to be found.


It is somewhere far beyond and still so near.

Do you feel it now?

It has always been here.

Now you remember and now you know.

Let this smile blossom.

Nurture life, give love, and let it grow.


“It’s complicated!” How often have you either used this expression or heard it said? These complications seem to appear in not only relationships but in all aspects of our daily activities. Is existing, the universe, and life really that complicated?


You may be inclined to say yes, but let’s reflect on this topic before we so eagerly agree that everything is unbearably complicated. This type of mind conditioning usually causes us to view the universe as a place of countless complexities.


Is life, love, or any detail of our existence really that complicated? There are situations that warrant our attention. This is unavoidable for a life-form living in a universe with other objects. However, it is the mind that infests the moment with random thoughts and emotions. It is usually the master that dominates, and conscious awareness is the servant.


This is a continuous game of cat and mouse whereby the mind and ego allow object consciousness just enough freedom to catch a glimpse of enlightenment. We experience this in the background of our daily activities, and it feels refreshingly different. It seems so easy; there it is surrounding us. All objects are bathing within the enlightened simplicity of life.

The Mind Is Complicated; Life Is Simple


The mind will usually give you just enough of this beyond-the-mind sensation to keep you searching and hoping for salvation, but it seems to never come. This is, at least, what the mind tells you. It is all much too complicated, and life was never meant to be easy or enlightening; this is what the mind tells us. Thus, we generally remained fixed in a pattern of searching, hoping, and yet somehow knowing that enlightenment is there. That is, until the mind interjects a flood of thoughts and emotions that appear to overflow conscious space.


There in the midst of the ego’s entanglement, mind thoughts, and emotions, you hear yourself repeating what the mind is always whispering to you: It is all so complicated. The complications arise because we (object consciousness) normally do not have a true relationship with universal consciousness. We know that enlightenment is there, but the mind insists on deceiving us into an endless cycle of searching and never finding.


Go beyond the mind and discover you have always been where you had wished to be but thought that you could not get there.


The mind is wonderful for helping us in daily activities. It is very practical and has provided an opportunity for us to evolve to our present state of existence. But there is a price that we have paid regarding our dependency on the brain. This price has been a suppression of our awareness to true consciousness. Consciousness is also a result of local and universal evolution, although it has always been overshadowed by the mind.


This is why a practice of going beyond the mind can result in a more acute perception of space consciousness. This word and statement sound very peculiar when we use it in reference to obtaining access to higher consciousness. I speak to many people about this and suggest practicing it during meditation. A beyond-the-mind experience can be reached during a period of meditation. This can also be practiced in the everlasting moment of life, regardless of whether you have prepared yourself through meditation or not.

Beyond Mind: What Will You Find?


Now is the reference point to reach beyond the mind. Obviously now is the true entry point for everything. It can only be now. There is a considerable amount of writing and discussion about the now. It would actually seem that everyone is searching for the now. However, it will never be found by searching for it with the mind. What is it, and why is it so essential to become truly aware of consciousness and universal oneness? Again, as mentioned above, it can only be now.


The now, as with all content of our existence, should not dominate our state of being to a point of causing restrictions or manipulations in the flow of consciousness between our person, other objects, and universally. The practice of going beyond the mind or the now should not be done by the mind through expectations or demands. This will not work, although on occasion it may seem that you have reached the portal to space consciousness by reaching beyond all that is mind generated.


Often this is a trick of the mind, especially during the early stages of shifting from mind to consciousness as the predominant catalyst in our daily activities. This shift and the practice of going beyond both mind and the now will develop naturally and without the mind’s interventions. Your aware participation in life is a key element to this transformation process.


The mind is not all-powerful, and it is possible to shift from mind to conscious awareness. It is a relearning process that each person can undertake. There are unlimited possibilities within the dimension of universal consciousness. You will suddenly experience life from a perspective that is long-lasting, vibrant, and colorful, thereby recognizing that you are the true master and the mind is your faithful servant. The three—mind, object consciousness, and universal consciousness—can thus harmoniously interact and blossom.

Shining Brightly as One


It is your gazing eyes into space that gives the stars a place. The distance between here and there seems so real but why? There is no between, no this and that; whether Stars or sky, you or I.


There is a bond that holds it all. A oneness to behold.


There is no you or I; no matter what we try. We know this; surely, we do. There beyond the mind is a place that each can find.


There is a space where it all falls into place. Let your self-free-fall away; do not fear. Then you will know how joyful it is to fly.


The universe, the stars, you and I are here together as one. The beauty is in discovering the simplicity of living; as you acknowledge...I am all of that


The totality of being.


Love seems so wonderful when it first appears. Time seems to stand still; other people, things, and situations are irrelevant. Why does this happen? Truthfully experiencing love or life involves several things, one of which is how we focus our attention. We can use love as a practical example to determine if a person is truthfully experiencing it, and this applies also to life. Please understand the significance of the word truthfully, which has been chosen to explain the unfolding of the moment. Synonyms for this word are openly, accurately, genuinely, sincerely, and honorably, to name a few.


There is one additional synonym that I wish to use to expand this discussion: straightforwardly. There is spiritual insight within and beyond either of these words, whether we use truthfully or straightforwardly to describe it.


What I am referring to can be love, life, or any other object, thought, or emotion. Therefore, the key to a deeper understanding of you lies within your relationship with the mind. Here it can be said that our relationship with the present moment, or now, is of the highest priority in going beyond the adversities caused by mind and ego. It is otherwise very difficult to truthfully observe and know, much less interact with, the essence of now.


The essence of this moment is your true self, or we can simplify this by saying the now reflects you. Please understand that this doesn’t suggest that you should reflect the content of any given experience. Rather, you are ultimately the vessel that holds the totality within it. A person will never be able to experience the simplicity within this moment when it is not observed truthfully. We can incorporate the word straightforward into a daily mantra to be practiced in any situation. I choose to observe this moment in a straightforward manner. Experiencing the now truthfully will reflect this energy out into the universe and back to you.


The now of life is constant and holds the totality within it. We become genuinely empathic to the world around us as we become more and more aware of conscious living. This allows universal consciousness and thus universal life intelligence to expand and pulsate intensively as the unmanifested becomes the manifested universe. We experience this, and when the level of our awareness becomes more awakened, we will continually release higher and higher levels of object consciousness back into the totality.


The eventual outcome will be a paradise in which we exist. This will probably not be a heaven as described in religious scriptures, but it will be an existence based on conscious awareness to life and love rather than mind content. What does this mean in regards to our daily activities and experiences with the mind, other people, things, and the universe? Will anything really change pertaining to what happens in each everlasting moment? We can quote these words from Buddha in answering this question:


“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”


We are here to show each other the way home. This is the simplest manner by which we can attempt to validate our existence and the bliss of enlightenment. You are the guardian angel that is here to protect your own person, other people, and all objects in the universe. We are all each other’s guardian angel. This is the fundamental significance to why you exist. You are that important.


Early human beings were able to tap in to the universal intelligence just as easily as you or I can do now. This suggests that humankind has always known of this mysterious something, and for whatever reason, it was given the name guardian angel. This concept has often been represented and somewhat exploited in religion. Here also the corruption of duality has asserted its dominance over a natural universal phenomenon: the simple flowing oneness of life, of love, and of conscious energy, all three not actually individual but one.


“A guardian angel is considered to be a spirit that protects and guides a person” (Wikipedia). The key word is a spirit and not many spirits. Every object has the potential to express the virtues of a guardian angel by protecting and guiding other life-forms, universally. This universal ability seems likely because each and every object has only one spirit. This is the energy of life that is shared universally by all things. It is becoming more and more conscious of itself.


There is one true guardian angel; it is you.


The reference to a guardian angel is probably another attempt to explain the unexplainable. This is in reference to the unmanifested dimension of energy that composes everything. The confusion and perhaps misuse of this energy is probably caused by our need to interpret and define it. I also do not wish to suggest that I know what this conscious life energy is or how we should use it. I am simply sharing ideas and insight.


It is really up to each of us to remain detached from the mind’s activities. Whereby we should eventually experience spiritual fulfillment. This is a completion, a realization; nothing more and nothing less. It is achieved through absorbed universal awareness of our role as the one guardian angel to protect and guide each other.


Consequently, we are perpetually protecting and guiding the universe and even the flow of life itself. Furthermore, the person next to you, a tree, or even a fly is not something outside of you; it is you. The bliss of unity will be experienced when we are able to consciously look beyond the abstracts of our existence.




Sunshine is something to be enjoyed.

It is energy of a source that is everywhere.

It can be experienced every moment;

It is there each day and in every way.

This is something to be felt.

You may now say…okay, but the sun is not there every moment.

Surely it is not there every day.

What is to be done then?

Where is the sun…this energy on a cloudy day?

Don’t despair, it is there.

Do you feel it?

The warmth is so intense.

It is a flowing, vibrating frequency.

It is here now. It will be here tomorrow.

Be active, be aware, and feel what is always there.

We are very lucky.

Human beings…this is what we are; that is a fact.

But there is so much more about you and me.

We are so much more than this shell.

We are in truth the energy within all.

It is constantly expanding this way and that.

This is a treasure that is priceless.

It is life.

It is in the body, heart, and soul.

It is to be loved.

It is to be shared.

You can be enthusiastically in love with life.

That is my wish.

We can be joyfully engulfed in life and always in love.

You are my sunshine.

We are one in spirit.

We can make the experience of life something wonderful.

How and why should this be done?

Sharing, caring, and doing for others.

Experience together and loving each other; this is the “how.”

To love and show understanding is the “why.”

It is about striving to help each other.

We are each of the spirit.

The energy of life will show us the way.



It is possible that we have forgotten what is needed to open the door to our true nature as spiritual beings. This could imply that we have become relatively non-active in all aspects of existing beyond the mind; we have lost the ability to feel what it means to live consciously. We have disassociated from it. It has become very difficult to enjoy the gifts provided by universal consciousness. It is simple to say that we are spirit. Saying it is simple, but being aware of it proves to be much more difficult for most of us.


Unfortunately, humankind’s conditioning has caused behavioral patterns that usually complicate everything in our existence. A person usually cannot simply accept life and live it. It can be really confusing for us to grasp, and it would seem that trying to understand the life energy consciousness only confuses us even more. Is the oneness of life really that complex? I prefer to say that it is not as complex as the mind tells us. Our evolution has given us the opportunity to reach the next stage of object consciousness.


We can never return to a basic form of existence or consciousness, such as that of many animal species. It might be better for humanity if we could return to a simpler form. Animals have a consciousness but at a level that requires little self-reflection. An animal or plant never asks why. These life-forms simply experience life as it is and not how they wish or think it should be. It is obvious that we cannot physically return to a lower stage of evolution. What is done is done. However, it is possible to reeducate the mind, and this, in turn, would also reeducate the body.

Spirit: Body and Mind


Body and mind seem to be one, and they relate to each other on levels that few people are able to comprehend. We have been shown so much from the moment we are born. We have been told and taught by example what is right and wrong. This has caused the body to accept what the mind has told it. Is this really how life should be?


Do you often experience confusion, anxiety, and fear? Please realize that you are much more than what the mind has conditioned you to think or believe. Having a belief or believing in something may not really have a substantial significance in life. But it seems to take on significance and meaning in our existence. This, though, does not seem to validate it as being necessary. Life does not need to believe in something. Life is entirely indifferent to believing or not believing. Traditional thinking tells us that you must first believe in something, and then you must have faith in it, before it will happen or be given to you. However, believing in a belief does not validate its authenticity.


Furthermore, we have been conditioned to accept this type of behavior as the one and only path to use when wishing for something to manifest. It does seem that we can associate better with the term believing when it is used strictly in human context. We have been conditioned to accept that a belief, or at least to believe in something, is necessary before we can receive it.


The patterns of conditioned unconscious mind behavior only cause us to remain in a repetitious living cycle. We are basically taught to believe blindly in a belief, regardless of its nature, although still influenced by personal and collective motivations. Nevertheless, the importance of believing is found in how we tune in to the oneness of life. The act of believing is not really necessary. It is one of many concepts that do not benefit the expansion of object consciousness. A relationship with life should not be based on a belief or the concept of believing. More so, it is based on being conscious of the endless possibilities that are given to us through the manifestation of this energy. The next step is to accept how life, on the level of universal consciousness, unfolds. A single thought can truly move mountains, if this single thought is in accordance with the universal consciousness. A seemingly insignificant thought can manifest from an idea or desire into solid form, if the universe deems it to be yours. Whether you believe or don’t believe in something or someone is irrelevant.


Our existence, life, and all things will continue to manifest in some form whether you believe in something or not.


This manifestation does not really have anything to do with believing. It doesn’t even have anything to do with faith. Perhaps, for the purpose of our understanding, we could say that it is on the level of intuitions, which are projected from the universal intelligence. You will immediately or eventually become what you have desired. This will be co-created from the dimension of unmanifested universal energy. You will understand more and more why something happens as you become actively conscious and aligned with the source of life.


It does not mean that you have lost it or don’t deserve it when something does not manifest as you had wished. It simply means that it never belonged to you in the first place. Most people never reach a level of awareness that allows access to this perspective. This is an acceptance of life. The process leading up to when you get a certain opportunity or are given a certain object has nothing to do with your degree of believing in something. It will just simply happen or not, depending solely on your conscious relationship with life.


Universal intelligence is always tuned in to the energy initiated by an object. Therefore, your desire will manifest in some manner, whether you want it or not, if it is meant to be.


Oh, to Believe


This we have been told from the dawn of time.

It is important to believe.

To deserve something means you must believe.

This has been instructed, and we have been guided.

We have been taught to obey and to fear.

Oh, just believe…for only then can you achieve.


Just believe and have faith, for it is the only way.

Do not question. Do not doubt.

The journey will be long.

You may ponder, wander, and stray.


It is said that there are others that know better.

We are told this by parents, then religion, and by so many more.


All that you desire, in fact, all that you dream, will come true.

So, say the others.

It may not be tomorrow or the day after that.

But someday surely, believe and hold true.

Just listen and obey.

Your belief can move mountains.

This is what the others will say.

The moment will come, exactly on that day.

Then have no worry and do not delay.


Those that know better will be there to show you the way.

These chosen few know which mountains are to be moved.

Believe and act, but first when those others have told you.

The others believe.

They insist that you join them.

It is always the others that know what is right.


The wherefores can always be explained.

It is the others that determine what we will be.

We are told to believe that the day will come.

There will be a day in which we will receive.

To believe in this means surely to wait.

I see no need to wait.

The real truth is there before us.

This life is so free.

The others, unfortunately, see only me.

This part of me is always so wanting.

The others always wish to tempt me.

Their unknowing desire is to corrupt me…to possess me.

Around and around me it all turns.

Blinded is the one that is not allowed to be free.

Throughout forever this continues, on and on.

We always believe that our waiting will soon be over.


Do we have no choice but to continue doing and believing in what we have been conditioned to accept as true or false? Is it possible to let go of all that we think we know? Would it then be possible to experience the true self, which manifests itself through this human form?


Spirit of Life


What would it be like to let go of all that we believe about our existence and just live? This is one of the questions each of us may ask from time to time. Many of you may have heard this statement: Being in the world but not of it. Life is about experiencing, not conceiving. We are blessed with the gift of life.


Now is the time to actively become aware of this precious endowment. The moment has come to consciously awaken and change how we see ourselves; thus, we change the universe.


We refer to human beings as compassionate and altruistic, but what lies beyond these traits? There is something else in the background of our existence. We feel, however faint, the influence of life energy in its purist nature. This is a conscious energy field without the need for interpretation or definition. We can contemplatively consider that everything has the purity of conscious nature within it. Everything is, and then somehow it becomes scrutinized by mind behavior. We judge, interpret, and define; this has always been our nature. It becomes very difficult to maintain an honorable rapport with life on a conscious level.


Is it these conditioned behavioral tendencies that initiated friction and separation in our relationship to the purity of life and consciousness?


It would be appropriate to say that all objects are within a field of energy. This is the vibrating frequency of the universe. We, as well as all (living) objects, release mind and conscious energy into this dimension of life. Therefore, this space can become consciousness of its essence. Thus, of being.


Energy, Mind, and Consciousness


Traits such as empathy, love, and forgiveness in the purest form may be very conducive to conscious awakening universal conscious energy. The, for lack of a better word, problem that is often experienced derives from corrupted frequencies of these behavioral characteristics. The mind is very dominating, and reactions based solely on conditioning and unconsciousness usually are not pure.


The mind insists that there is separation. This behavior results because of the localized brain/body field of consciousness (object consciousness). Nonetheless, this energy field contributes and can influence the totality which we call universal consciousness. The two frequencies are actually one, but our self-consciousness gives us the ability to experience both the localized field of consciousness and universal consciousness. The mind tells us that these are two dimensions when in actuality they are only one.

Energy of Life: You are It!


Our true essence originates in the manifestation of life. I am who I am (ongoing). Therefore, it is essential that our species awakens to the potential within this statement. We determine the content of our existence through active awareness.


The content structures of our existence, whether of mind or body, are helpful in our daily activities. Nevertheless, these can also be very manipulative and restrictive concerning conscious awakening. Thoughts and emotions can be excellent students of life. However, they cannot and should never be the teacher or master of this mystery.


The experience of life can best be done through active awareness to the realm and vibrating frequency of pure consciousness. This universal intelligence is beyond the mind, body, and soul but still a part of everything. This mysterious energy flows through you, and you flow through it. It is your true essence.


Equanimity can be considered as a state of balance between mind and spirit. Leonard Nimoy played the character Spock in Star Trek. Spock depicted a person that was capable of experiencing thoughts and emotions but (almost) never let these human attributes control his sense of being.


Clarity is experienced when our existence is viewed from a field of indifference to any given thought, emotion, person or situation. It is useful for practical purposes to have empathy and even sympathy in our experiences. However, a state of unawareness usually causes us to become lost or trapped within the structures of the unobserved mind. This is why practicing equanimity can change how we see ourselves and the world around us.


Wikipedia defines equanimity as “(Latin: æquanimitas, having an even mind; aequus even; animus mind/soul) a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind. The virtue and value of equanimity is extolled and advocated by a number of major religions and ancient philosophies.”


In Buddhism, equanimity (upekkhā, upekṣhā) is one of the four sublime attitudes and is considered “neither a thought nor an emotion, it is rather the steady conscious realization of reality’s transience. It is the ground for wisdom and freedom and the protector of compassion and love. While some may think of equanimity as dry neutrality or cool aloofness, mature equanimity produces a radiance and warmth of being. The Buddha described a mind filled with equanimity as ‘abundant, exalted, immeasurable, without hostility and without ill-will’” (Wikipedia).


The details of our existence, whether of mind or body, are relatively useful in our daily activities. Nevertheless, these can also be very manipulative and restrictive regarding conscious awakening. Thoughts and emotions can be excellent students of life but cannot and should never be the teacher or master of this mystery. The experience of life can best be done through active awareness to the realm and vibrating frequency of pure consciousness. This universal intelligence is beyond the mind, body, and soul but still a part of everything. This mysterious energy flows through you, and you flow through it. You are essentially pure oneness.

Honor Thyself


It is thyself above all others that should be loved and respected.


There are Bible passages that suggest Jesus and his disciples contemplated the essence of the one true self. 1 Corinthians 3:16–17 (ESV), expresses the importance of self-acknowledgement:


“Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are.”


We can replace the word God with thyself to express our relationship to universal consciousness. Still, please remember that the labels we use to express anything, especially what we do not understand, are only words and not it. The ancient Greek aphorism know thyself was used extensively by Plato to indicate that Socrates knew of the long-established wisdom pertaining to thyself.


Nonetheless, we have not actually determined what thyself truly represents. Let’s consider the various possibilities available in our search for the one true self. Human beings became self-aware. This changed everything and caused a suppression and restriction of consciousness. Consciousness took a back seat to a conditioned mind. This, in turn, allowed the mind to almost completely dominate our interaction with the present moment.


We should consider the word “our” and its use in the last sentence. The word actually indicates thyself. The mind overpowered both the human form self and the one true universal self. The significance is in understanding that of these two self-images, one is an illusion and the other is true. Thyself, in reference to our species’ form, is a self-induced implant placed onto the one true universal self. The true self is consciousness in its entirety.

Remember Thyself and Forget the False Self!


It is common for people that have consciously awakened to become confused by believing that they have discovered the true self, when in fact it is a false self-image imitation of the one true self. We are often instructed that the witness of the mind, thoughts, and emotions is the true self. But this type of thinking can also be deceiving.


Here again it would seem that Jesus and his disciples, among other sages, understood the difference and conscious expansion growth restrictions within the statement above. This conscious oneness insight is expressed in John 7:18, (ESV): “He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who is seeking the glory of the One who sent Him, He is true, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.”


This verse clearly indicates that a path of self-indulgence, caused for whatever reason, will restrict acknowledgement of the one true self and the conscious reunification with it.


Evolution in terms of society and technology has contributed greatly to our separation from the source. Somehow, humankind has grown deaf to the voice of this one truth. This separation is ongoing. Over the last few thousand years, we have almost completely separated ourselves from the oneness of life. We have been taught, and through countless trials and conflicts of a personal and global nature, we believe that there is something greater out there waiting for us. We have been assured that salvation is possible, but we have also been taught that this salvation comes with a price tag.


Our species has developed into a conforming unit that believes the path to salvation or enlightenment will always be difficult and involve many sacrifices.


Where and when did this misconception begin? We can generally say that almost everything related to our conditioned state of being has been passed down from generation to generation. This process may very well start at the point of conception. It continues as the being in the womb develops. Then, at some point, our consciousness develops; it reacts to the influences and conditioning with which we are confronted daily. This causes a transformation from the pure being consciousness to the human-conditioned consciousness.


We somehow have become conditioned to a point where it is easier to ignore or forget what we really are. This path demands that we accept that there is only this existence.


To accept this human path of influences and conditioning would be to admit that we lose touch with the oneness of life at the moment of human conception.


 Nurturing this belief has placed our species in a confusing and somewhat irritating dilemma. Unconscious thinking and believing tend to invoke further separation from the source of life. This separation is only an illusion of the mind, but it can be very convincing to a person that is not truly consciously aware.


Separation: A perplexing Development


The humanizing process grows ever more perplexing from day one, up until the time when the body returns to its original form(s), purely biologically speaking. This refers to the death of a body. If it were possible for you or me to grasp the innocence that we had as a very small child, how would we observe the world?


I am sure each person’s interpretation would vary somewhat, but here are a few ideas that could be generally acceptable. There is no hate. We do not judge or criticize. There is no differentiating between good and evil. Love is always there. It has been established as a universal manifestation and is woven within the energy of life. Love and life are becoming conscious through you.


Friendship Is Being True Blue!


Do you have many friends? This word is used so often that it has lost any real significance in conversation. It has become a conditioned behavior and is usually associated with expectations, on both a personal and collective level. Friendship is defined by Wikipedia as “a relationship of mutual affection between two people.” This affection extends outward and can include relationships between more than two people. It is a bond that is established through thoughts, emotions, and the ego. We can also say that friendship is established through ideas, desires, and needs that are mutually conceived and accepted. This binding behavior can occur in countless organized groups, naturally including spiritually conscious groups.


I wish to determine a common denominator for the misunderstandings that often occur in friendship and love. We are quick to express feelings of friendship or love to anyone or anything that is in sync with a given thought or emotion. Regardless of this, human beings will also readily turn their backs on an individual or group that does not adhere to a common thought or belief.


Why, then, do we refer to this feeling as friendship, and is it true? No, it is a conditioned behavior pattern that the mind offers you and it is labeled friendship.


We could make this topic consideration easy by saying that this type of behavior is normal for our species. But that would be an evasion of this phenomenon and would not help us to expand our consciousness. That is what we are hoping to experience, isn’t it? People and perhaps all self-conscious living objects experience and respond to the bliss of enlightenment at different levels.


Friendship and Beyond


Enlightenment is not a magical word that transforms everything from dark to light. Enlightenment, friendship, or any word is nothing more than an attempt to define something that we experience. There is a dimension of nothingness that is beyond words, definitions, and even beyond the mind. The mind and self-consciousness can offer a portal to this space of unlimited awareness. The term unlimited awareness is a general reference to the state of pure conscious being without the burdens of the mind. This would be the isness of now. Isness is the quality of being and existence as something. What is this something that is happening now? You are the now. You are happening to the universe; the universe is not happening to you. The point of this discussion would be that any word, situation, or experience becomes very vivid and truthful when a person has established his or her existence within the field of enlightened unlimited awareness to the now.


Dream: Come Share It with Me


This is a poem to hold within your heart, to cherish and share. It is the experience of life. It is a dream that is real. You will remember when you go beyond the mind. It will become clear when you meet me there.



Childhood seems so far away.

The years, it would seem, have been many.

But the dream remains, tattered but never swayed.

A scene composed of orchards, fields of green, lakes and rivers.


There were waterfalls everywhere.

These were nurtured by streams.

The woodland carpeted thick in green and brown.

There were patches of moss, which were always so soft.

There was a place so far away.

There were deep valleys stretching on and on.

Still there were more valleys carved through the meandering hills.

These valleys, hills, fields, and streams not measured by time or even in beauty.

Everything there was a rhythm of one; simplicity was to be found…completely.

My dream is filled with the memories of all that was.

And indeed, there was so much.


I experience the changing of the seasons, one by one to this day.

The spring melted the snow, followed by a breath of life to the land.

The summer was always so long, the days somehow serene.

The autumn danced and twirled, showing off in its colors.

The mountains and valleys appeared to know. Yes, suddenly…

The winter was there.


The fall of the first snow brought stillness to the air.

The silence was overwhelming; it seems so near.

Delightful are these memories of a place long ago.

A single memory of this is enough to mesmerize.


I often had thought that these memories were enough.

There is a wish to be happy, perhaps to be free.

This place from far ago and long away has always been a haven.

This is where I go to remember who I am.

The child in you perhaps wishes to do the same.


Then came the day when I found you.

You were a breath of springtime.

And suddenly I knew…


I felt the warmth of a summer breeze.

The snow melted away, winter hibernation now long gone.

Life and love now bloom.

Blossoming like the flower in May.


My dream and my days are now filled with something anew.

I revisit this dream from long ago.

This is so true.

I do this each moment with you.


Are you living or do you simply exist while waiting for a reason to start living? To live is to be aware of living. Existing, on the other hand, can become very tedious when the mind insists that there must be a reason why you are here. Well, the big surprise is that we are here to live and life doesn’t truly need a reason to be.

Misinterpretations: Living or Existing?


The integration of assumptions, definitions, and beliefs into our existence start from the point of conception and last until death of the body. The transition of birth to death is also based purely on human-made assumptions, beliefs, and misinterpretations. Life is never terminated or ceases to be. We exist in a state of fluctuating interpretations, reinterpretations, and misinterpretations. We are convinced that these processes are needed and have forgotten that none of it is necessary to experience life.


It is only the object form that blossoms, fades, and then degenerates to baseline essence or molecules. The act of our conception is the mechanism that allowed the manifestation of life and love. Both manifest through a life-form. They do this with all objects. Life and love radiate through all objects in the purest and simplest manner of unification. It is the given life-form’s use or misuse of consciousness that determines the level of life and love awareness or lack of awareness. In addition to consciousness, there are also other species evolutionary attributes to consider.


Brain capacity, which indicates development of intelligence and creativity, is also responsible for this contamination of life and love. These factors are not actually to blame for our species’ manipulation of love and life. Love and life cannot be manipulated or restricted. Rather it is our interpretation of these that cause the contamination. The misinterpretations of life have been established through simple lack of awareness. Therefore, it is our lack of awareness to life consciousness that restricts the acceptance of genuine love and life.


This state of being is a dilemma based on behavior conditioning that occurs continuously. Apparently, the level of object consciousness determines the development of any given life-form, consciously speaking. This became very apparent after the initial awakening of self-consciousness. We faltered and stumbled over our own newly acquired self-consciousness. Hence it is not incorrect to say that our species’ consciousness peaked somewhere down the road of evolution. I do not wish to say that our consciousness stopped expanding entirely. Here the focus is on overall awareness to life from the point of human consciousness. This state of consciousness has not significantly increased for untold millennia.


We assume that our consciousness is expanding rapidly with each new generation. This is a trick of the mind, misinterpretations that the self in us has been conditioned to accept as real. It has nothing to do with actual conscious expansion and reunification with universal consciousness. The ego, accompanied with emotional and behavioral conditioning, has developed an arsenal of manipulations, illusions together with a unique cleverness. We think that we are becoming more conscious, therefore we assume that we are more conscious. This mode of misinterpretations enhances the demand for more life energy to be used in our trivial human activity details.


This is done constantly by human beings but at a great cost considering the conscious possibilities that are available without such species existence restrictions. We have sacrificed true awareness of life for a state of consciousness limbo. Therefore, we are unknowingly substituting awareness of life for mind-generated existence details and interpretations of life. Life is the catalyst for all forms in the universe. Unawareness of this has considerably restricted our species’ true conscious potential. This unawareness of life pattern has crippled our personal and social development. It has hampered the full capacity of our intelligence. There would be a long list of disadvantages associated with our assumptions and misinterpretations of life, if we were to make such a list.

Misinterpretations of Life


What are the reasons for this unawareness of universal consciousness? There are possibly several, but it really comes down to lack of simplistic conscious living. Another, perhaps simpler, way to express this would be that we have forgotten what it means to experience this one everlasting moment in our existence. Perhaps this all started at the turning point of our species’ development of self-consciousness—a heightened state of self-consciousness-initiated mind patterns that interpreted and defined. This was suddenly done from the standpoint of the person and not life. We started to question and judge our existence. We have always interpreted our existence as a straight black-and-white version of life.


Object existence manifests life and therefore can influence it, but it did not create its essence. Therefore, conceptual patterns of conditioning have nothing to do with the factual presence of life. The moment we acquired a level of consciousness that interpreted and questioned life was the moment we started to build an illusion about it and our existence. This became the storybook of our existence, both personally and collectively.

Storybook Experiences


Stories, stories, and more stories—everyone loves a good story. It is not only true that we all love to hear a good story; it seems that we all love to tell a good story. The stories we tell are part of our own personal storybook. This storybook has been written by you and is only for you. It is the combined experiences of your existence. The story can only be written by you because you are the creator of it. No one can fully experience this story because you have orchestrated it according to your design.


There would normally be no story or storybook if we were able to experience the moment consciously instead of a mind-illusion. Anything other than the conscious isness of now is a story. We create the paragraphs, the chapters, and the storybook itself from our memories, interpretations, and expectations. It is a book of fiction that is mostly structured according to the mind’s interaction with life. It must be fiction, although it does seem very tangible. Nothing in this storybook can happen unless we decide that it can.

Storybook of the Mind


You may be saying: “What are you talking about, Steve? I am not responsible for the people, situations, or experiences that occur in each moment.” It is true that any individual cannot truly change the behavior of a person or the content of a situation. However, it is possible for each person to change his or her perspective in each moment. It is very difficult for the mind to accept that nothing and everything is happening in each second. The key is in realizing that it is each person’s conscious awareness that determines the outcome.


Nothing is really happening until we start to tell our story through memory, interpretation, or expectation. This is how the storybook of our existence is established. We started writing this story from the moment of birth. We are not only carrying our own individual storybook with us but also the storybooks of all other human beings throughout our history. Now you know why you often feel fatigued, frustrated, or perplexed. This is because each person carries his or her personal baggage and the baggage of humanity as a colossal fictional storybook.


The mind-made story of our existence is as make-believe as the movies and books we read and watch. Even the stories based on actual events are, in essence, fictional baggage that we carry with us. The isness of now is different; it simply is. You, me, everyone, and everything experience the moment as it is. That’s it; there is nothing more to consider. It is not as likely that a storybook can be written when a person is fully absorbed in the now of each blink of an eye. The mind may continue to scream for attention through random outbursts of thoughts, emotions, and ego, but this will subside as a person practices staying in the now.

Human State of Awareness


Life: What is it? Where do we find love? These are questions that we always ask. Our object illusions are primarily responsible for integrating falsehood into our existence. The fact that we often, through religion, emotions, and ego, believe that love was established solely for our purposes derives from interpretations of our existence. The delusions we have placed on our existence engulf all factors of our experiences, including love. It is not our purpose to live or love but rather to simply experience through awareness to consciousness.


We are acknowledging consciousness as being more than the mind. This awakening process is demolishing falsely constructed obstacles. These hindrances are strictly mind-made and often completely block our awareness to consciousness. Every person has the potential to realize the universal intelligence within. Thoughts, beliefs, or another person will never be able to unite you (you, as seen from standpoint of the mind) with the one true essence. I included the clarification in parentheses because we should remember that we are not and have never been separated from life. The so-called separation exists only in our delusions. We assume much. We presume that because we insist, there must be a purpose for us. The content structures of love that we have established are also filled with assumptions. People not only search for love but also believe there is a reason why we love. Relatively speaking, this may be true, but not ultimately. We have been in conflict for millennia concerning love and its origin. This has resulted in us interpreting love and even life as something separate from our own essence. However, to truly love is to know life, and to know life is to know the one self. 


Eyes are said to be the gateway to the soul. The poet and romantically inclined are inspired by this vision. There is a depth, a possible truth that is within these words. There is a vision. It is a universal knowledge. Our eyes are not truly needed. It is that which is beyond our sight and surrounds each word. We know what it is without really knowing. There is a moment when you meet someone and realize that you are feeling the universe through a soul that is being shared as one. This is a conscious experience shared by people, especially those who are willing to let go.

Eyes of Our Soul


The thoughts about you burn in me like a fire out of control.

Thereby is a fascination.

This is an emotional extravaganza.

It was always so, and it started with the first “hello.”

This is how it will always be.

Thus, are the thoughts about you…so wonderful indeed.

You are the brightest star above.

You shine so vivid, so free.

There are also moody moments in which you are sad.

We have shared the good and the bad.

We have seen one another in such a way as no other shall.


This is our song, and we know each other well.

We have touched the soul.

It is in the body of the other.

It is awe-inspiring to know and to intertwine.

This we have spoken not in words, but with the heart and our passion.

This is so true; it can be felt.

It is magic to behold.

It is a fantasy like no other to be told.

What is this magic…what does it really mean?

This cannot be questioned.

It is to be accepted and experienced.


One brief look in your eyes, and I am lost.

I want you; I need you in that moment forever.

I want to hold you close.

I wish to be together with you.

My desire is to be one with you.

It is a fire that engulfs us.

The flame is within our hearts.

The passion is in our soul.

Words must not be spoken. There is nothing to gain.

There is so much to be shared.

It is there within the fire in your eyes.

Words used to explain will never suffice.

It is enough to look into each other’s eyes.

Thus, the fire is ignited; it grows.

Alas, there are sometimes fears.

These can smother and may eventually suffocate the fire.

We know what is known. We sense what is obvious.

We should then trust in our passion.

Regrettably we know but we don’t listen.


I ask only this one question…why?

We know life is real and love is true.

It should have never been forgotten.

There are feelings filled with passion within a circle of fire.

This is something so real; just trust and it will be.

It seems so difficult to find; even more difficult to share.


What we have, we share. We know this; we feel it.

What is to be now?

Shall we experience it, accept it…join together and be it?

It is a knowledge that we understand.

I wish for you to know.

I need you…I want you.

We understand each other.

We share the gift of life, one with another.

I am here.


You can have me, to take me as you want…as a friend or a lover.

I am your knight who is there to protect you.

Do you need a shoulder to lean on or a dragon to slay?

I am there.

I will hold you in my arms.

You are always protected…each moment and every day.

This is something that will never cease to be.

I do care and wish to share.

This will remain so; when you need me and when you want me.

I will be there.

When the moment comes, you will surely know.

How will you know?

Through the eyes of our soul.


The power of love is often depicted as almighty. It has been said to move mountains, cure diseases, and even stop time. Wow, this really sounds wonderful. There is also a song with a similar title. “The Power of Love” The song lyrics suggest that love has the power to do anything and everything; love is absolute.


What is the common denominator of life and love? It is you. More specifically, we could say that the essence of this power is the energy that you consciously (or unconsciously) manifest. Again, and again we hear that love can make anything possible. Many people think and believe this to be true. Still, these same individuals often question or make the following assumptions. Why don’t we exist in a paradise of peace and tranquility if there is love? Love seems to come and go too quickly. Similarly, we ask why is there no love to be found in the world. We often blame other people and situations for restricting our love. A person will insist that he or she offers love unconditionally. Then something happens and we fall out of love. This results in us saying something typical, such as “I will never love again.”


The manifestation of events in our existence seems to function in parallel with the energy output that is either conscious or unconscious. Likewise, we have created the illusion of love that is based on symbolization. suggests that symbolization “is the unconscious mental representation of one thing by another.” Symbolizing attempts to resolve questions and conflicts by reframing or re-creating them as something more familiar or recognizable.


Therefore, any symbol will only be as powerful, reliable, judgmental, or forgiving as the mind energy that created it. The power of any given symbol depends on how you view it. This can cause difficulties. This will happen again and again when done in a state of unconsciousness. But these illusions will stop when you have anchored yourself in living and loving through the simple act of being.


In the end it all comes down to how an object uses the energy manifesting through it. Every person and every form have this power to one degree or another. It is truly wonderful to have it and to consciously know and allow it. This is done easily through the act of being, through living and loving unconditionally. There is ultimately no need or reason for definitions and symbols. Accepting this energy frequency for what it is without labels would allow change to occur. It would be possible to remold the structure of the universe. Sound impossible? Is it worth trying? Ask yourself if all the definitions, symbols, and labels have worked for you. Or for humanity, for that matter. Have these unlocked the truth about living and loving? May I suggest that you stop taking the mind so seriously. Don’t continue to search for that which you have already. The power is within you. You are engulfed in it.


“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. There is nothing permanent except change. You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.”

—Heraclitus, Fragments


We are life. Life appears to be the equivalent of how we experience it. It is so overwhelmed with details that we mostly disregard living consciously. This results from living in a state of non-presence. Life does not dictate concept, definition, or purpose, neither individually nor universally. Only our mind differentiates among one and many assumptions about it. Science loves to baffle us with hypotheses and theories. Religion, more so over the last few thousand years, has dictated that conjectures and human-made principles govern our existence to the populace. What does this tell us about life or universal consciousness? It doesn’t tell us anything substantial. We should not forget that all existence content is mind based. The mind-projected content of our existence is often without true conscious awareness. A classic example of this is the Big Bang theory. This theory was established by the mind and suggests that within it we will find the answers of life. Is it possible to rediscover life within the limits of a mind that is still basically unaware of what can be experienced beyond the mind?


The spiritual significance of consciously feeling life is in experiencing and not conceiving. Although, conceiving can go hand in hand with conscious universality. We can cooperate with this universal dimension that has become conscious of itself. However, we must awaken and experience presence and life firsthand before we can once again use the potential found in conceiving. We are not yet truly aware enough to comprehend what this truly means. We will live in balance and in an enlightened state as object consciousness connects more and more with the energy of life. Consciousness has been awakened from within this dimension and will thrive more and more as we move away from the mind’s preordained path of existence. The mind’s understanding of life can and will eventually prove a wonderful feature of our evolution. It is essential that we establish our existence within conscious awareness before this can happen. The mind and our ability to conceive are blessings but we must first become awakened enough to discard the old conditioned patterns of the mind. The developments of the mind through the influences of our equally developed traits have cost our species and this world dearly. The ability to awaken awareness to conscious living can enable a shift in how we experience life.


This conscious blossoming will release our hold on the demands that are made by the mind in our existence. We could then manifest energy on a compatible frequency with life instead of against it. In this way we will relearn and correspond to life without the need to define or dominate it. We will then experience what we have conceived in accordance with life. What we do not have or become during our existence was never ours to receive. We convince ourselves that it should be ours to receive whether this is a desire, want, or need. This is done through false mind vibration projections.


A real change will only occur when we have become more aware. It is vital that we learn how to relate to object consciousness. This ability allows us to communicate with universal consciousness. The popular verse Galatians 6:7 (ESV)— “For whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap”—offers a new perception of life when we give it a slight twist. We could write: “For whatsoever an unaware man sows that shall he surely reap, whether he wants it or not.” This illustrates the bond that is possible within universal intelligence. A continual recognition and expansion of object consciousness is the key to experiencing a relationship to life.


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Published on June 01, 2020

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